Which Capcom visual style do you prefer?

I’ll give it up for the Zero/Alpha style. I always liked the manga-like renditions of the characters, and short of the likes R. Mika and “Fat” Dictator, I liked all of the character designs in that series.

CVS would be a close second…too bad the fact that series re-used a great number of sprites from the Zero and Vampire series detracted from the overall presentation of things for my liking.

You just have to put aside the fact that CVS in and of itself borrowed spritework from previous releases, and focus on the actual new sprites themselves, which are made, and follow totally different rules.

Also, to the untrained eye, the reused sprites seem to be left untouched, but in reality, they were indeed altered slightly, to fit in better with the new CVS style sprites.

3 > 4 > Alpha > 2

The SF2 stuff was great for its day, but if you look at it now without your rose-tinted glasses, it looks like shit. Character proportions are all wrong, and everything’s all stiff.

I love them all for various reasons, but I like the clean-line hand drawings of Street Fighter Alpha the most.

SF2. Good proportions, nice shading.

I voted Alpha

I was in toooooo much love the first time I saw that style
I was able to see the emotions in the characters much more

For me, it would be Street Fighter 3 and the SF Alpha series. SF3’s sprites look amazing and 3S is worth playing just to see Chun-Li in such fluid animation. The Alpha series was full of colorful visuals, with great-looking sprites (not as well-animated as SF3, but it’s still good stuff).

I love SF3, but I have to go with 4… for now. Solely because its completely different to everything else.

Alpha just makes my eyes bleed. Its a pain in the ass when every time I play an Alpha game I have to turn down the brightness on my TV to keep from going blind.

I am honestly shocked 11 people so far have picked HDR, 4 & CvT. Wow.

Marvel and Alpha were different. Marvel had better animation and better detail than Alpha sprites did. CVS2 rehashed a lot different sprites and added a few new ones. Animation was god awful for the new CVS2 sprites though.

Yah know

I couldnt even think of CVS in the category because it was a bunch of laziness with
the sprites, you had Alpha Cammy, with SF3 Chun li and bunch of craziness.
and poor Morrigan, I will never forgive them for playing her like that lol

Really? When I played CvS1 in 480p, the sprite resolution for the Alpha characters doesn’t even match the new sprites-- you can see a ‘screen door’ effect when Alpha sprites moved in that game. The res was fixed in CvS2, but even then I didn’t notice a difference (aside from new animations like running etc).

all of the SNK sprites, and a few of the Capcom ones in CVS2, are BEAUTIFUL!

but capcom also borrowed some old sprites, esp morrigan is awful

its strange that one game can have some of the best, and worst sprites in a modern 2d fighter

(by modern i mean CPS-3 to today)

i voted for SF3.
many frames of animations makes it beautiful.
Ken and Ryu look badass in their thirties, the rough rugged aged look works well. (unlike the young Alpha babies sprties, yuck)
Chun-Li is one hot momma, love her revamped animations.

yeah Dudley sways and combos with grace

Yup I preferred the cartoony style myself.

Alpha + MVC2 Chunky Bison 4 LIFE!

Seriously, I can’t see why you’d group CVS2 with Alpha. I mean, look at the difference between Blanka’s win pose in Alpha and CVS2. I can’t see why you’d lump them together.

Anyway, when it comes to noiceness of the sprites, you’ve gotta go with SF3. Some of the best animations in 2d games, that. But…I voted for SF4, because of how well they’re doing on non-man-hand hands.

3S sucked. The backgrounds looks fucking painted. The other SF3 games looked good though.

Overall I the Alpha and the SF2 cast the most for looks, especially shotos.

CVS Shotos look lanky when they do attacks, when they do a fucking axe kick, their legs look like spaghetti. Their legs are all long when they are in their neutral stance, and the special moves look big. The hurriccane kick looks REALLY bad in CVS.

Yea. In spite of them being altered, they still looked like shit, next to actual CvS sprites. Capcom was just in super lazy mode, at that point.

But some of them were indeed slightly altered, even if for the worse. Ironically, I think Morrigan was left untouched, although I’ll have to recheck to confirm it.

Sagat is always the better example.

SF4, so far. I like the idea of an Ikeno/Akiman-esque painting come to life. I’m not sure it’s there yet but hopefully this will become more apparant over time.

The other thing I like about SF4 is that FINALLY when the characters turn around they won’t be just mirror images of each other, so Sagat’s scar and eyepatch will be on the correct sides, always. The only 2D Capcom character that debunked this was Gill of SF3 but it was really a color and effect swap with his fireball. Balrog (claw) will still have the mirror image thing going for him or his claw will switch hands because it would throw things off in this game but I can live with that. Balrog just wouldn’t be the same if he had two claws or anything like that, his appearance in Iron/Cannon Spike aside. :rofl:

Currently as in what’s out right now, I’d say Third Strike. That level of 2D animation still holds up today even with the likes of Guilty Gear.

Way too early for me to form an opinion on either the HD game or Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Or at the very least, I’ve seen more of SF4 than these other two games honestly.

On SNK’s end, KOF XII is shaping up very nicely. Good year for fighters. :tup:

3s looks so boring to me,

NG and SI are far better

I hate alpha visuals