Which Character do you just hate fighting against?


Do you have a character that you just “Oh shit” when you hear their name on the character select screen? A character you despise fighting for a multitude of reasons? I have 3:

Ragna - You all know why. Half of XBL plays him, pick up and play monster.

Litchi - A good Litchi player is pretty scary for me, I’m not sure what it is but I just find her difficult. And when you’re in the corner against Litchi she becomes a different monster. I have the upmost respect for Litchi players, though. But I just always struggle against her.

Hakumen - Mixed bag. I don’t think getting in is too difficult. But respecting mashed out Yukikaze almost nullifies any risky mixup. Same with regular drive anyway. I really have to take it slow here.

You guys?


Hazama/Hakumen - just because in CS2 50% of all my matches were with them.

Tager - not because of command grabs but because I really have trouble fighting him most of the time. I main Carl so my strategy in 80% of all fights is to let Nirvana do the raw damage, but because Tager’s magnets it’s hard to gain distance thus set up diversions and traps.


It used to be Noel, now it’s just Ragna. =/


Lambda and Rachel, but mostly Lambda.

I hate those damn swords.


Definitely Ragna, Arakune is starting to get annoying too.


Arakune would bother me more if I played against him more often, but I basically never see him. In fact, most of the time, I tend to forget he’s even in the game. o.o

Ragna though… it’s like 50% Ragna online (20% Hazama, the remaining 30% random stuff that seems to include a bunch of Mu).
Ragna: Oh, I hit you with some random move at some really baffling angle (Gauntlet Hades while you were ABOVE ME!)? Yay! 3.5k and full corner carry! Whoo!

FFS Ragna, you’d be less annoying if SOMETHING didn’t confirm into 3k+. (Okay, fine, grounded 5B standing midscreen with zero heat doesn’t lead to much, but if it’s an air hit/crouching/he has 50 meter/is anywhere near the corner then it’s back on 3k+ train.)


People will never fully understand just how strong Mu is. Any counterhit leads to around 4K pretty much anywhere. and 6C is flat out broken. 7K Midscreen that builds it’s own heat? Lol.

I seem to be seeing a LOT of Hazama now. And whilst I can usually blow up runaway players. It’s becoming tedious. You either fight dumbass rushdown Ragna players, or Hazama players that do nothing but Jump back chain.

CS2 > Extend IMO

The balancing in this game is so fucking skewy. Looking at the changelist im just like “WHY DO THIS?!” to almost every character.

Ragna - Needed very minor buffs. 6B relaunch was enough. He got way too many powerups.
Tsubaki - Needed no changes. Especially not these bullshit nerfs she did not need
Valk - Godlike Mixup or Godlike Damage. Pick one.
Makoto - Needed nerfs. But they went way too overboard here. It’s silly.
Hakumen - He needed faster heat cooldown. What else did he really really need? j.B is godlike.

Other than that. Good job.


Hey, at least Tager got what he needed. He does good combo damage now, so people can’t just constantly try to jump out against him for free. Is he top tier? No, and he probably never will be, but I subscribe to the “games in which grapplers are top tier tend to not be any fun” theory, so I have no problem with mid-tier Tager. Otherwise, I’m inclined to agree with you about the changelist - I really think that 90% of the CS2 > Extend changes were unnecessary. Good luck finding a match in CS2 these days though.

Mu’s 6C is indeed pretty stupid from a proration perspective, but I don’t think it’s that much better - in and of itself - that most other characters’ “big whammy” starter; I mean, yeah, it’s 100/96 + Fatal and wallbounce, but that’s not that much crazier than, say, Ragna 2C which is 100/92 + fatal and a whole lot faster, or even Makoto 2C which is 100/92 + Fatal and launch. It’s really the rest of Mu’s combo paths that make her silly (though I admit I’m not sure why it’s 100/96 instead of 100/92 like most other people’s stuff, but that’s not that big a difference by itself.). It’s not until we get back to everyone’s favorite domestic abuse vicitm, Tsubaki, where we discover that, oh, hey, look. Her 100/90 move isn’t a fatal anymore, and all of her other 100/90+ proration starters are FOLLOWUPS, which means that your opponent needs to block the first move and then decide to let you punch him in the face with the next one in order for you to get that juicy starter. And we all know how much THAT happens. And out of THOSE moves, the one that’s most likely to weasel out a hit (3CC) requires a rapid cancel to follow up. Good job, team.


Yeah. Tager is fine as he is now, he has real combos that do average damage in favour of resets and tech traps, which is what I think tager specialises in.

Mu’s 6C is ridiculous for just how long the combo actually goes on for. You get OTG’d a minimum of 3 times and it ends in a super. I just think the Risk / Reward is almost justified for getting 7K with an average-joe combo.

I cannot fathom Tsubaki changes. I bet Konan is kicking himself every day wishing he didn’t win SBO man.


I didn’t realize they did anything to Tsubaki. I play against a pretty good Tsubaki online who can kick my ass with her more often than not. Nice guy, too.


Rummage around some of the stickied threads and I’m sure you can find one of my rants about how stupid all the Tsubaki changes are. I just don’t have the rage left to post another one.


I’m very sick of jin and ragna, those are practically the only two characters my opponents play online -_- I feel like I learned how to play as both of them from watching everyone do the same things with them over and over.


Fucking. Noel. [SIZE=2]And Arakune’s curse.[/SIZE]


Try actually PLAYING as Noel for a while. She’s not as simple as she seems. A large part of her gameplay involves calling out her opponent’s options and causing them to whiff by using her drive starters, so if you can’t read your opponent and pull that off, her damage output goes down a lot.


For some reason you’ve decided to respond to 3 of my comments across 3 different threads about Noel, so I’ll just post my rebuttle across all of them I guess.

Noel has advanced tactics, obviously. Everyone in the game does. What grinds my gears about her is just how obnoxiously accessible she is. I mean, let’s face it. She pretty much has an auto-pilot drive that can auto-punish, auto-anti air, auto-mixup, ect ect. She may get a lot of damage decay but it’s just as easy to reset into another chain of auto-pilot attacks simply by mashing her drive, and **THAT’S **what pisses me off about her. I also believe this is a large amount of the reason as to why she’s not really a good character to pick as someone to use to get into this game.

Even though Ragna is almost just as easy to pick up and mash, he plays a totally different game. His drive isn’t mashable really, and there isn’t really an auto-pilot going on with him. His combos require a normal (albeit fairly easy) amount of input, and he’s just a better character in general to start with if you’re trying to learn the mechanic of the game. Noel just teaches you how to button mash.

And also, yes, I have played Noel. Extensively. It doesn’t change how I feel about her as a character.


Noel is alright now, really. I despised her in CS2 because of Meterless 2D into 5K. But now the damage is justified.

Inb4 BBCP Hazama. Prepare yourselves for the XBL Hazama legion.


Pfff. How is 4K of 4D midscreen ‘justified’?

He may prove to be too difficult for them - there was, after all, never really an XBL CS2 Makoto legion.


Hazama isn’t that difficult. 10 minutes in training mode and you’re golden.

And it’s 5K midscreen from 4D, But you need to be FC’d for that. Which in turn, is justified.


Have you played BBCP? No? Then maybe you should withhold judgement yet.

Yes, because you should never, ever get counterhit by a move that has 19 frames of invulnerability to 2/3rds of the moves in the game, starting at frame 1, and moves her hitbox backwards. Nope. Never. Clearly, Konan sucks.


Hazama is just Extend Hazama with Relaunches, I can already play Hazama. Why would I wait to give Judgement?..

And if you keep getting hit by it you’re just doing something wrong. It’s Invul doesn’t last long, And if Mistimed it loses to everything. It loses to moves with Low properties and is 100% free to grabs. Why complain about that? Just sounds like Mad Salt.