Which Character do you just hate fighting against?


Any help against Platinum? I seem to screw up a lot against her. Also, I mess up a lot in mirror matches for some reason.


What seems to be the problem?

There aren’t really any ‘tricks’ to fighting Platinum unless your opponent is doing gimmicky crap like Blockstring -> Bubble -> Command grab or something.

When fighting Platinum:
#1: Make sure your opponent isn’t a scrub who’s going to throw out random heart cars all the time. If he is, just block a lot and kill him (Punish late so that she lands - if you attack too quickly after blocking it, you get an air hit and it’s harder to get a good combo.)
#2: Be aware of what item she has. Don’t go all Rambo when she has the bat, watch out for instant overheads when she has the frying pan, expect her to just throw them all and try for a new weapon if she gets missiles/bombs.
#3: If you have a DP, just DP her out of any Swallow Moon nonsense she tries to do. OTOH, if you play Arakune like your icon indicates, just do your regular BS. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


With the amount of items she has, I sometimes get randomed out. Thanks though. I will just approach her how I approach Tager, by watching my step.

This week, I have been facing a lot of a Hazama players, and I just could not keep up with them. They seem to fly all over the place and when throw out an anti-air, they would counter it.


She only has 6 items, and three of them don’t really have serious implications in Neutral - Bombs and missiles are super obvious, you just dodge them once and you’re probably home free. Some players will try to zone with bombs, but this isn’t really very effective. Hammer has a single gimmick in neutral (IAD crossup > Hammer) which you might need to be aware of but is basically a combo tool.

Bait bats
Approach carefully to avoid getting CH with cat hammer
Watch for instant overhead with frying pan.

That’s it. And you only have to worry about one at once.

Hazama, OTOH, is a right bastard, and honestly, probably pretty broken. Arc Sys needs to get it into their head that if they’re going to make a character with crazy mobility, they can’t also give them other tools that are better than the rest of the cast. Hazama has no business having the normals and damage that he does.


I just think his mobility gimick is pretty broken. There was one that ran out the clock by running. Arakune really couldn’t do anything.


Yes, if there’s one thing that Hazama excels at, it’s running away. And in general his mobility game is very strong, but it wouldn’t be a problem (for characters other than Tager. :stuck_out_tongue: ) if he didn’t also have stupid good pressure and normals, to say nothing of his explosive damage. Arc Sys seems to woefully underestimate the value of mobility, so all the characters with really strong mobility also seem to have several other really strong aspects, whereas many characters who don’t have strong mobility aren’t as strong in other areas either.


This is a little off-topic but… About Platinum, I know Airk already answered ProjectReality’s question, I can’t help but recall a debate over Platinum’s Swallow Moon being a mediocre mixup tool. I was just randomly searching Extend videos in YouTube and found this one:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZ52ZhaTlQw (watch the first Platinum vs. Makoto matchup).

The one playing Platinum uses it all the time, for example j.c (blocked) > Swallow Moon -cancel > j.c or just on the ground. And from watching this match (and knowing the Makoto player isn’t a scrub), that mixup doesn’t seem to be so easy to punish, you just have keep on blocking until you can DP or sumthin’, gain distance with IB tai Barrier etc. (Unless you’re watching out for it, then you can just poke to score CH.)

Just wanted to share this video. And I’m just a Tsubaki-scrub so correct me if I’m horribly wrong <:D


I disagree with your basic premise, namely, that that Platinum player used Swallow Moon a lot - at least, not in pressure. Watching the first round, there were a few times when she did it close to the opponent, and all of those could have been DP’d, though not necessarily on reaction.

If you watch the Ragna match later in that video, she basically doesn’t use it at all, possibly because she knows Ragna will just blow her up with an ID.


Can I have some tips on how to punish Jin’s 214B? Mainly B because 214A is a much shorter distance and Arakune can always avoid 214C with 2C. A 5C anti-air doesn’t work. Do I just have to be away from the situation?


214B is -9, so you are probably best off just blocking and doing a throw or a 5A, assuming they reach. I don’t really know much about Arakune.


Which characters do I hate fighting against? All of them. =P

mains Tsubaki


You know, I, from time to time, always hate fighting a certain character aswell.

If a Rachel player is well composed, the likelihood of me winning is not that large.


Hakumen, Amane, Arakune, Azrael, Hazama, and Litchi are the characters I hate fighting against.


Lambda’s and Litchi’s.



Carl. If I spot a high PSR Carl, all you’d be seeing from me is the trail of dust as I run in the opposite direction. Actually, that’s just whom I get scared of fighting against.

Who I really hate fighting against is Noel. It just feels like I’m punching air :V.


As Taokaka, I just can’t stand fighting Bullet. It’s like she can snatch me out of anything I do ;_; I can’t do any mixup shenanigans against Bullet because what ends up happening usually involves 3000+ damage Drive counters. The moment you’re forced to let up and play more cautiously is the moment Bullet seems to win.

In GENERAL, Tager, Nu, and Amane are my worst nightmares come to life.


Ragna, he is the absolute vain of my blazblue existence. For a “close range” character his normals have absolutely obnoxious range, i could be half way across the screen so i feel safe, but he just tosses out a jesus kick and some how it manages to reach me. And dont even get me started on his corner work. I keep thinking his string is done, so i go for a counter or an escape, oh…no, he hits me with ANYTHING and im back in the corner till im dead. Im a rachel main so ive tried zoning him, but he still manages to get close, and ivd tried to use my wind to beat him to the punch… but it never works. He is the absolute worse…


I don’t know that a Rachel player has any right to complain about someone trapping them in the corner forever. Holy crap her corner pressure is impossible to get out of.


oh trust me, rachel corner gameplay is extremely hard to do, if we cant get you before we’re out of wind we’re basically screwed, with ragna he can consistenly keep you on the corner, we really cant do much inless we get enough meter for a counter assault or they try to go too big and use a risky move, all in all, im basically stuck in the corner for a majory of a match against ragna


I don’t really think “If we can’t somehow hit you with one of the four instant overheads we get before we run out of wind, and also don’t lock you down with a frog to let wind regen, then our mixup is nooo good.” is a good basis for complaint. =/

If you think Ragna can consistently keep you in the corner, you don’t know enough about Ragna. There are so many places in his pressure where you don’t even need a reversal because you can just fly out with a winded jump.