Which character do you think has the best fireball game?

Who would you say has the best fireball game in street fighter?
I think the top few would have to be Akuma, Gouken, and Guile. If Ryu’s ultra counts as part of his fireball game then perhaps he should be there too. I’m not sure who has the best fireball game though. You can’t tatsu through Gouken’s fireballs and he has quite a fast recovery, but not as fast as Ryu’s. Guile has insanely fast recovery but you have to charge them up. And then there’s Akuma who has all sorts of fireball tricks.

Quite obviously Guile. He has nothing other than his fireball game and can still compete. Imagine a Guile with Goukis Sweep and Demonflip and Teleport :looney:

Ill go with Guile as well, he recovers really damn fast, not many things can punish SB pokes in this game, even point blank. I also find it pretty hard to jump over the slow/fast SB mixup, get tagged quite often in the air.

Gouken’s fireballs recover a lot faster than Ryu’s, hell even Akuma’s ground fireballs recover faster than Ryu’s but they have slower startup.

Also, how come the thread is about the best fireballs in the game and Sagat isn’t even mentioned yet?!

  • Fast startup
  • Awesome recovery on high tiger shots and same recovery as Ryu’s on low tiger shots but with better startup
  • Great speed on both fast and slow fireballs to mess up the opponent
  • He can kara cancel his fireballs for even better zoning potential
  • Amazing AA options with his tiger uppercuts, kara upper cuts and roundhouse (both normal and command normal)

I’d say Guile and Sagat have the best fireball games in the game, not even going to rank one above the other because Guile’s a charge character and has his weaknesses.

Ken has the fastest fireball so… ken.

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Guile or Sagat.

Don’t forget juri

from a theoretical point probably guile. but from my experience I think gouken and juri are the ones with the strongest fireball game.

Ken has the fastest fireball?? his EX is pretty fast but his HP fireball is slow as hell!

Sagat gets my vote for best fireball game, has the options to go high and low with great AA’s and in my opinion he has the fastest fireballs in SF.

Yeh my mistake, I assumed Ryu had the better recovery time than Gouken because I read somewhere, I think it was Eventhubs, that eventually Ryu does win the fireball war against Gouken. I think Gouken’s fireball startup must be slower then. Not sure.

And yes, how the hell did I forget about Sagat. His fireballs are truly the scariest in the game for me. I think I regard Akuma as high up there though because if shamelessly exploited, his mid-air fireballs can really dominate games. Maybe I just need to deal with them better, but I feel like even the pros like Infiltration’s abuse of Akuma’s mid-air fireballs really helps to throw his opponent off.

For me it’s probably either Guile or Sagat as well overall. Can’t really choose between the two, they’re both annoying bastards.

Gouken pretty much eliminates Ryu’s fireball game. Unless you account fireballs ONLY and not the rest of the characters tools. EX fireball gives Ryu some breathing room.

Also in the frame data, Gouken’s fb data is Ryu’s except reversed. So Goukens fb has the startup of Ryu’s fb recovery. And the recovery is Ryu’s fb startup. So Gouken starts slow, recovers fast. Ryu is the opposite (relatively)

As for who has the best, I think Guile or Akuma. Akuma just doesn’t do too well actually trying to zone because of his low health and slightly weaker reg fireballs. But air fbs and no meter 3 hit fbs puts him on another level against other fireballers.


I think Sagat is the best pure zoner, just because his shots are fast and he can mix them up. EX shots are also quick, plus his U2 which can negate his opponent’s fireball game. But really, I choose him over everyone else because of the Tiger Uppercut. A fireball is only as good as the AA option used after it. :slight_smile: Guile is good but he’s a charge character, and Gouken doesn’t have as strong an AA as Sagat does. Akuma has the best anti-zone fireball game, in that he can literally force any fireballer to come to him. On its own, however, he’s much better suited using his fireballs merely as a way to get a sweep. I don’t see Akuma winning matches solely on his fireball, the majority of his damage comes from the vortex.

Yeh you raise some good points about Akuma. I still think Guile is very good though. I mean as you said a fireball is only as good as the AA that follows it, and Guile has a great AA game. Someone said earlier that Guile is still competitive despite having ONLY his fireball and AA game, which is valid in my books. I wonder how a good Guile would fare against a good Akuma. That would be an interesting fireball battle. Gonna check out some youtube vids to see. :smiley:

Akuma generally does really well against Guile in chucking fireballs. Its mostly because Guile has to charge, otherwise it would be much more competitive. The only way Guile is winning the war is through human error, and that part comes from catching Akumas in recovery or start-up with EX booms. On paper, however, Akuma kills Guile in fireball wars. A good example of this will be coming soon in SFxT 2013. Guile’s meter nerf means he’ll barely have meter to chuck EX booms against Akuma’s shaku hadous. That matchup is going to become really one-sided, I don’t know why Capcom would go ahead and nerf things like that. Different game, I know…

Juri takes this cake in a breeze.

I fully agree with this.

To all the ppl that think guile has te strongest fireball game…loooooool…WRONG!!!

Why does infiltration counterpick guile with gouken then huh?

Guile also looses the fireball game easily against Ryu !!

Three strongest zooning characters :
Nm.1 Sagat the strongest zooning game…unbeatable
Verry strong zooning game : gouken , ryu , guile , juri

Guile in the hands of a strong player like Dieminion is no joke, just look at his matches vs Sanford, he goes pretty much even or beats Sagat more often than he loses.

Now Vanilla Sagat vs Vanilla Guile was just sad to watch lol

I think that Sagat has the best long range fireball game. Whenever I beat him with Guile I am in the middle range and using my quick recovery on sb.
After Sagat imo Gouken is second and Guile is third. They are close together though.

After those three there is Juri then everyone else… I could be completely wrong though haha