Which Character got most buffed in lastest USF4 changes? (for pros)


Hey, im gamer and I touched few fighting games in the past, also SF series.

I undestand that in competive game one of the most importand thing, if not the most importand is all around balance between characters. And basicly the whole idea of new ULTRA SF4 is the balance purpose (except money for producers ofcourse).
I also undestand that the term “balance” is very relative, and sometimes A beat B, but C beat A ans so on. Also there is such a thing like a fighting style and level of “skills” and expirience. For new players some very basic and weak character for pro scene, but which is easy to learn may be the strongest.

So there is question for those who know SF4 series well, and know what the balance was. Im talking about pro - competive scene with the best players around. Which characters was weakest in the past, was the most unplayed and rarely chose, and got the biggest the strongest buffs, improvements and got all around powers which help them in the proffesional scene?



Most improved character overall ?
Prolly THawk.


The weakest characters have pretty much stayed on the bottom throughout the whole series.


I don’t see why new players are always constantly obssessed with tier list and who’s the best garbage. Shit doesn’t even matter when you’re first starting.