Which character has the most scrub users?




dude there’s plenty !!

akuma … rapid hurricane assault , they just keep on qcb- hk all the time , and air hadou all the time

ken , thought that playing turtle with him is enough

ryu . denjin !!

if they play with medicore players , they tend to show lot’s of vulnerabelity …


No doubt it’s Akuma, with plenty of air fireballs and waves of hurricane kicks.


Hmm, it didn’t let me vote.

But Gouki should win this one. Even to those who don’t know about his massive combos, he is still the evil shoto with baddass spikey red hair.


write-in: comedy Twelve option


it is so good that i’ve been owning akuma-scrubs with oro and 12 …and alex

is it true that …



Alex does a lot of damage and is the Lord of Stun. Gouki is weak to both.


valentine’s day OWNAGE !! WOOT XD !!


awright !! SATURDAY !! i kick some ass ! i also meet some local player that goes to gamefaqs ! he’s malay and he own me with dudley pokes and traps !! but my alex kick ass !! with stunbar !!

that is the day i used hyper bomb for the 1st time and lose to him …

oh that’s not related to teh topic ! haha !! i’m seeing couples also playing 3s , meaning boy-friend show off his 3s skills nad girl-friend watch with excitement …

so …SLOT IN ! pick necro and slam dance , later magnetic-storm …woot ! and he use Ken !!

wooot i beat him 3 times …he’s a lamer/scrub me a newbie necro 1st time user …

"**blululululluulull ~ ** "

he thought his cheap strategy works … what i did …??
pokey ! and anti air with air.mp …just tap blindly …
meaty with taunt …
EX-tornado hooks ! <-- newbie indeed
hurricane reversal with electric snake
more … but my slam dance-counter fails twice