Which character in AE is the most brainless/requires the least match-up knowledge?

I was just wondering because I play Akuma and I am getting sick of trying to learn match-up information for 30+ players. I can’t store all that information in my head, between what to do on my opponent’s wake-up, which option selects to use, the timing for safe jumps, etc, etc.

So who is the most brainless in this regard? Yun? I’m thinking Yun because there seems to be only one strategy with Yun players and it invariably involves rush down with dive kicks and command grabs.

I wouldn’t call it brainless, but Ibuki doesn’t require much matchup knowledge. Pretty much the same game plan no matter who you’re up against.

Go ahead and pick Yun, have fun against Zangief, T Hawk, and Ken…

You’re seriously admitting that you don’t want to put in the effort to remember how to take on certain opponents? Why do you play this game in the first place then? Your mind is the most powerful tool you have available to you, use it. Storing all that information isn’t hard with repetition, aka practice.

Someone said Ibuki can be played on autopilot.
I really want to see that at least once.

blanka :tup:

This is the laziest “choose my character for me” thread I have run into. And I’ve closed a lot of them. You’re not only too lazy to just move the cursor over a character and try them out for five minutes. You’re admitting to being too lazy to, once choosing a character, put any effort into a big chunk of the game.