Which character is a better choice?


I have been thinking about playing SSFIV AE competitively, and though I use Rose, I have been thinking about using different characters such as Cammy, Rose, Chun Li, and Makoto, though I will stick to just one or two characters. However, Sakura has always been a personal favorite for some reason (I guess as a kid, I adore her character and name), so I plan to use her. My playing style is more on defense, patience and wearing my opponent down, and I don’t know which character to use. Which character is a better choice? Sakura seems to be easier for me in terms of execution, but I’m not too fond of her walking speed and dashes, and I’m wondering which character is best for me.


From what im reading stick with Rose. Sakura is no denfensive character and she has trouble getting in. Playing defensive with her isn’t a good idea since she is more of that rushdown mixup character. Rose fits your play style since she’s good at spacing, footsies etc.


yea, lionheart kid said it all. rose is for you.


Rose. Sak and Mak are too offensive.


I see. Then which character is good for a offensive playing style?