Which character is most like Cody in 3S

So I can try em out when 3sO comes out.

No characters play like him to be honest

Yeah I figured that much :bluu:. Even the tiniest resemblance in the world will work.

Hugo…they were both in Final Fight.

What is it particularly you like about Cody? If it’s the frame-trap sort of thing, Ibuki and Yang have slightly abusive jab traps in the corner, but they can still be parried and punished.

Okay now that I think about it, give Dudley a shot, he’s probably the closest thing to Cody in terms of normals

I mained oro in 3s

I picked cody in 4 because I thought he was somewhat similar

a lot of moving around, pokes etc

that’s just how I play them though. they’re both fun characters to use

Dudley or Chun

Urien In The Club Doing Aegis Reflector!

…or dudley.

i play akuma, ryu, and dudley.
akuma is not close to cody but idk AE and 3S are too different to compare. but yeah i suggest trying dudley (problem is he has low health), ryu (all around decent character, health, damagewise), and akuma (high offense like cody but thats it)

Oro. They both have rocks.

None…that’s why I like him so much. He’s just so unique in both design and feel, it was part of what went into choosing him.
I’d say he handles like Dudley in how he moves/goes about navigating the screen, but his moves are still completely unique. In my opinion if you play 3S correctly, every character plays similar to Cody in that you wanna play a constant pressure game and keep yourself on top of your enemy rather then get pressured yourself.

I thoug

Well, to be honest Cody should be focused on zoning and footsies just as much as his frame traps and rushdown.

Q because both are slow as fuck.

Cody’s got great pokes, not great footsies(YET HAHAHAHHAHAHA AE UPPER WHERE ARE YOU)