Which character is the most fun to play as?

just wondering who people think is the most fun.

“[insert main here]”

repeat x1000 or until lock

in all seriousness, I don’t see what this thread is supposed to accomplish.

I’m using Taokaka, and I find it hard to put the controller down sometimes. It seems like a lot of people agree, from what I’ve seen online and on dustloop. Her combos really seem to flow nicely, and the drive loops are super flashy and fun.

people can get a lot from these threads, as long as people say a bit about what it’s like to use the characters and whatnot. If you have no idea what the characters are like and how they’re used, it can be helpful to see people make arguments in favor of their main, what their strengths and weaknesses are, etc.

First off, not to knock anyones education (or lack there of), but “Funnest” ain’t no word!


But to answer the question, I would have to say Bang. Admittedly, the dude is just a badass. Pink Bang > All. I just love the way he flies around the screen, and with FRKZ activated, there’s to too much badass to contain, you pretty much win the round on straight up man juice once you activate FRKZ…

Taokaka has very satisfying combos that are pretty easy to pull off, and alot of super shenanigans (if you have 100% heat), and just shenanigans overall… I’d say she’s the funnest to play out of all the chars I’ve tried. Litchi is my main, and not to say she isn’t fun, but you gotta work to land those big combos, moreso than Tao, IMO.

Arakune is my favorite at the moment, as he seems to have an answer for everything, although against some chars I really gotta work to curse and then keep them cursed (more my fault, not anything in Arakune’s design). Oh and airdash 5B/4b fun.

Aside from him, Rachel and Tager I’ve found to be really fun and different. Rachel because figuring out kool ways to use her drive is fun for me (not a die-hard Rachel player so I just figure stuff out on my own).
And Tager because of the power of science and real soviet damage. Nah, mainly that his magnetism makes him quite fun, and I feel good whenever I land one of his throws. I’ve never liked grappler characters before, so that says a lot for me that i find him fun.

I have so much fun with Nu vs. Tager…I laugh maniacally during the entire match.


hehe not until he catches you with a well timed tagger buster!!

hahahahaha imma shoot swords all day lulz uh oh im cornered…
ACCCCKK!! half my life gone!

in all seriousness i would say BANG is fun to use just because FRKZ is hard to control at first so you have to keep playing with it to get control of it.

Here is a detailed guide about the characters:

That is the ugliest Tager I have ever seen.

On topic, though, most fun in terms of “awesome” would be Bang. Do a FRKZ and you will understand.

If you’re even slightly serious and at a casual level, pick up Tager and watch your friends get smashed because they don’t know how to zone and/or tech.

Personally I find Noel and Bang the most fun to play. Noel has some awesome combos, and no, I dont spam the drive attacks. Bang is just pure manliness. Gotta love it when his theme starts, I have a tough time controlling him after FRKZ but I am getting better at it.

Other than that, Jin is pretty flashy when he you dont spam ice car.

Taokaka because of the long, drawn out combos.

Come on Litchi is wicked, you have a stick that comes out swinging for you sweet.

Tager, because you can get your ass kicked all round and with about 5 hits the other person is dead. Also his command grabs, and Distorsion Drives (don’t forget about his Astral Heat) are just plain beast when it comes to damage. Although he is pretty slow without spamming jump forward C or 236 B, I give him my vote.

Ha that’s real fucking talk :rofl:

All of that talk about interesting characters and it ends up a mirror match with possibly the most generic looking character in the game :rofl:

lol, my main is tager, but bang is flat out the most fun to play, i have a 30 percent win ratio with bang but i cant stop using him, and FRKZ is a death trap, i always lose when i use it but i cant help myself.
Bang is definately the most fun character in the game.

I main Tager, and sub Rachel. Tager seems to be the only fun character in the game to me personally. All the other characters are dumb and complicated. All I have to do is spam collider and 360b. Then occasionally do a 720 on wake up. Its just fun watching people get pissed b/c I always make a comeback and win with 10% health.

Since I’ve finally had time to play with some of the characters, Litchi is my favorite so far. Though her combos take alot of work (especially for a noob like me), they are fun to watch.

Taokaka because of the hilarious dialogue and awesome aerial combos