Which character is the most fun to play as?

Most definetly rangna for me cause hes the only character i like just on first plays i also like to play as tager because hes a beast

i have the most fun playing as jin (yes yes i know generic character etc) because he’s fairly straightforward yet he’s got some neat tricks with his freezes and c fubuki/rehhyou is just a huge FUCK YOU to people who just iad in all the time.

I’m hoping that this entire post was sarcasm, but on the off-chance that you’re serious, I’d have to remind you that Blazblue/Guilty Gear games are SUPPOSED to be fairly complicated (we don’t want another sf4 input shortcut problem). I’d also take the time out to say that anyone who tries to meaty attack a grab character deserves to eat whatever wakeup mash said throw character is mashing on wakeup.

But, if it WAS sarcasm, then LOL, and NICE ONE.

Give the guy a break. If he wants a cut and dry character let him use it man. Not everyone’s gotta pull off a 20 hit carl throw loop

It’s not like a lot of people play Carl though. Even though his loop is quite sad.

I vote for Rachel. Personally, because her fighting style is all about patience and reading your opponents while pressuring them and keeping them off balance.

Hakumen is a very simple character in terms of execution. Nothing you perform with him in terms of combos or timing his 6A for anti-air is particularly difficult. Problem with Hakumen is that you kind of have to have mastered the other fundamental game mechanics more than the rest of the cast. It’s funny cuz, the character with some of the least execution is probably one of the more difficult to play. Hes also low tier too so that’s a factor.

Rachel is fun if you know how to use her decently. The wind mechanic is new and very interesting. But her lack of retaliation options makes her very NOT fun when you’re stuck just blocking.

I play best with Rachel, but I enjoy playing Taokaka most :tup:

Yeah if she had a dragon punch like move she would be godly.

That said she is still the most fun, when you get your combos going or destroy someone in a corner it is fighting game bliss.

Rachel for life.

I would not main Rachel, Jin and Hakumen if they weren’t fun to play as.

Rachel because she’s a vamp loli who drinks tea and is, like, the most powerful BB character.

Jin because his combos remind me of GG’s Order-Sol (whom I mained) for some reason. And they’re fun to do, anyway.

Hakumen because teaching scrubs who’s the real man in the room is just too much fun. 2 combos and you’re out, boy! Better level up before getting back on, eh? That’ll teach you to spam.

In terms of sheer fun-factor Rachel and Nu are my faves, both being heavy on the control side but also flashy up close. That’s the playstyle I gravitate to and they made those two chars incredibly fun and fresh.

I normally don’t like vampires or little girl characters, but playing as Rachel with her unique drive and awesome control specials is a breath of fresh air from most chars in most fighters.

Nu is the opposite in style, from super fantasy to super sci-fi, which is neat in the same game. Her playstyle is also incredibly unique and a blast once you get her drive down. Cooler but not quite as fun as Rachel.

If you’re not into control I like Tager and Noel just based on cool themes mixed with fun playstyle, but really you can’t go wrong with this cast (although Ragna and Jin are a little bland if you played GG).

I main Litchi and Ragna, but I would have to say that the character that I have the most fun using would have to be Taokaka, because of her crazy combos that take her all over the screen, and her hilarious dialogue/comments while she fights.

You want us to tell you which character will be the most fun for you to use?

Wow…I’ve seen it all now. :rolleyes:

I toss up between Tager and Rachel.

Tager when I want a close match and/or want to chokeslam someone into a crater. I’m not quite as good with him as I am with Rachel, therefor, he’s usually reserved for when I’m messing around.

I picked Rachel as my main because I love the drive mechanic (Should remove the wind meter to make her even with Nu /sarcasm). And I’ve always loved pressure characters. She’s not as beefy as Slayer, and she doesn’t backstep counter like a beast, but it’s still a fun ride.


Shoryuken is 6a

Nu is my favorite char to have fun on, followed by Rachel.

I main on Noel tho, and I think she is a lot of fun as well.

And hello to the Shoryuken community, I’ve been a lurker for a little while but decided to finally reg up since I’m having so much fun with Blazblue. What an awesome game.

I have the most fun playing Noel in this game thus, she is my main. RTSD all day.

I second Haku-men because he’s a nice contrast to Noel’s playstyle while not being too boring in the process as he doesn’t consist of keep away.

Arakune is my favorite to play as. I also play as hakumen too.

I like Tao the best, I’m so far pretty bad at the game because I just started and therefore don’t know any good combos (except the ones I’ve invented myself which are probably pretty crap) but her drive is so much fun and her moves look great… And she’s a cat! :3

Honestly, the most fun or [funnest.] character to play to me is Tager, just because hes at the bottom of the tier list and you can still win with him if you know the combos lol. And its fun to watch a Zangief on crack.