Which character makes the best comebacks?


definately not remy… he can’t damge worth shit.

i’d say urien and makoto.

one super art combo and it’s pretty damn even and it’s ova!


From all of the matchvids I’ve seen… Ken has some amazing comebacks. I think Akuma RD comebacks are the best though.


Most likely to make a comeback: Urien quite easily takes that position. One landed throw with one or more super stocked means it’s a whole new game no matter what the life position is at.

Best comebacks: Any low tier character really. I would pick Hugo because some of those fights you really have to work for. Maybe Q, especially Kuroda comebacks, somehow turtling while he’s losing significantly works in his favor, and it’s awesome.


Q, especially Kuroda has some pretty impressive comebacks, but anyone who can dish out alot of damage in a short amount of time can make some pretty impressive stuff, for example Hugo or Makoto.

That said I think Q is the most impressive because he’s being pummeled down for such a loooong time and then just piles in the damage.


Makoto for sure… cause it’s all based on chance.


Dudley one MGB combo and you are hurting like he is.



  1. makoto
  2. dudley
  3. urien/oro


makoto definitely.

then like hol horse said, dudley, urien, oro. chun li can make good comebacks too if she has 2 meters.


makoto, urien, and in my opinion yun can make some good comebacks.


Dudley (my main man) can make some seriously badass comebacks. One of my usual crew had me down so bad I couldn’t see my life bar, but I had two SA3s stocked. I knew I had one option, and that was get aggressive. Deep jump-in RK landed. You all know the rest.


Q and/or Hugo


I know I’m gonna get bashed for this…

Chun with super meter can make scary comebacks. If she gets a knockdown and plays her kara throw/ combo 50/50s properly, its just scary how she can steal the round.


^ why would you get bashed for that? i said the same thing.


I think Yang’s got some comeback juice of his own.


Yang doing a good comeback looks cool and is demoralizing for the opponent (taking a few ex-slashes in a row is frustrating) but I really wouldn’t say it’s among the best.
Your best bet is nailing several slashes and that means you have to get several hits in.

Chun on the other hand only needs one hit and she gets good damage and a friggin’ reset into a mean situation that can just take the round away from you in a couple of seconds. That’s some comeback potential.

Dudley’s good too.


yang can comeback but so can any character to that extent really, only makoto and urien can really win of one clean hit, and chun with 2. oro and denjin ryu are close to chun with a full meter though.


Yang needs around 3x clean EX’s to make anything of a comeback.


Urien, Mak and Dud have the most dramatic comebacks IMO. Dud taking out a Chun player with 2/3 times f+HK to corkscrew is just crazy good to watch. Oro coming back is fun. Anybody with extremely low defense or low tier coming back is fun to watch.



Necro’s comebacks aren’t bad either. Stun FTW. :stuck_out_tongue: