Which character(s) have the best normals and footsie potential in the game?


I know that footsies is largely a product of a player’s skill, but what characters give you the best tools to work with?

Who do you think has the best normals in the game?


Fei-Long, Ryu, Zangief, Rufus, Balrog, and someone else that I’m missing.



rufus? wtf? how did he get on the list?


I’d say Chun, Bison, Vega, Rose, Gen and Fei.


well it can differ from character to character and for what purpose also

Akuma has the best sweep in the game and helps him in his gameplan
Chun has overall fast/long range normals so does vega and bison
Rose’s normals are good but some of the cast can beat her normals
Honda’s standing jab is one of the best IMO

But yeah as a whole I would say Chun Vega Bison Rose Fei Gen Balrog


does sim count?


adon too he has an AMAZING sweep + roundhouse


Don’t sleep on the nacho reach.


the thing has reach but rufus doesnt even come close to having the best normals




If I had to pick just one, Ryu.


Balrog, Chun, Fei, Rose, Ryu

IMO these characters have a great set of gd normals so I would consider them the best.


Gen’s MK/cr.MK hands is stupid good.


rose and fei are the footsie gods. ryu comes 3rd.


Gen no question. He has a library of amazing pokes and normals.


Chun, Fei Long, Guile, and Rose?


This smells like a pick my character thread.


I already have a character, and they’re listed nowhere above. :slight_smile:


Sakura has… normals. They’re very normal. I think she has the most normal normals.


Chun probably has the best normals in combination with walk speed out of every character in the game IMO. Normals aren’t that important if your walk speed isn’t good.