Which character should I play?


Hi, I’m new to SF3.3 ! (“new” isn’t really the word but … bah)
I’ve recently returned to SF games thanks to HSF2, with which I’ve got a lot of fun.

Now, I’ve decided to go on SF3.3, but I don’t know which character I should play. I’ve tried a little bit all the characters, but I haven’t hook particularly with one character.
I’m looking for a character with a similar (or close) gameplay as Balrog [claw] (you know : good poker, etc.) .

Please help me to choose.
Thx !


Play anyone but Chun, Ken, or Yun.


Play Makoto then.


wouldn’t dudley be the most obvious choice? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d say Yang is the closest. He’s got the mobility and the standing fierce, and he’s not nearly as terrible as Twelve.

N - I still love you, Twel(e)ve!


Prove it.


Stay away from Q, he’s super cheap and only scrubs use him. For example, all of his attacks are unblockable.


If I said tomorrow night, I’d be lying. But I’ll give it my best shot.

N - It has to be PRETTY!


Yeah there isn’t really an easy Vega/Balrog translation in this game. I’m mainly a Super Turbo guy who’s been gradually converting to Third Strike since nobody plays ST anymore, and Vega is my favorite/best guy, so I looked for someone like him at first too. Personally I get the most “Vega-y” feel from playing with Yang and Ibuki. Neither has the awesome poking game Vega has, but both are light, quick characters with plenty of air quickness and priority and good antiairs and both are pretty decent zoners. Also, both are a couple of the few Third Strike characters who don’t depend on their super for their success, like Vega. Vega’s ST super is landed very rarely against good opponents, and while landing Yang’s and Ibuki’s supers is considerably easier, you don’t have to do land them to win, and personally, that feels rather Vega-y to me. Yang’s character also seems more Vega-y to me, although really there’s totally no reason for me to feel that way.

For some reason, though, I decided to pick up the most un-Vega-y character in the world, Q. Other than that they’re both Street Fighters, I can’t think of any similarities between the two. Don’t pick Q.


remy is vega with a sonic boom


Remy has Guiles specials and sweep, Charlies Supers, Sagats kicks, and he punched like the UNDERTAKER.

Remy is all about the style taking the best of the best and becoming one out of it.

Even then, i say try out Urien. Who else can kick your ass in thong and be proud of it.


Remy’s a total pussy, so maybe you’d like him, being a Balrog fan and all.

Punches like Taker? Which punch?


dude like half his punches are throat shots.

and he like curves them up. Havent you seen taker punish an guy in the corner in the ring? he always swing his arms up liek half uppercuts, and taker has like huge throat jab which is like Remy’s close standing fierce


For training your basic skill of SF 3.3 , you better pick Ryu , Ken , Alex or Yang first .

And get away from Chun-li and Akuma in this moment .

P.S. Just a silly thought from me .


Vega is a badass.

Vega is THE badass.


Thanks a lot everyone ! You’re great ! [except E150]

I’ve started to study more seriously Yang stuff since yesterday [Arlieth’s Yang faqs + the Yang section here].