Which character should I start off with?


I’m getting into SF4 and SfxT and I Kinda like my problem in marvel and persona and all other fighting games I wanna play everyone and I lack a main. I think its because I don’t know what my flaws or I don’t know what I’m good at.

But anyway I’m getting really into SF and I broke down my character list and I really like Ibuki, Dudley, Cody and Guy. I picked these characters cause they are all in both games and I really like there style(Big Final fight fan) What do you guys thinks of those characters? Looking for opinions here.


Cody is the easiest to pick up and evolve with, you can reach top level in relatively short time. Dudley on the contrary has to be the pick for the most difficult to use/win with character of the group. Ibuki is rather an autopilot/vortex/I knock you down and you don’t get up anymore character.
Guy, I still cannot give him a place in this game. He has elements for rushdown/frametraps but Cody and Dudley are better at that task than him. If you like the “sting and run” kind of play, you may give him a try.


I think I’ll play Cody and dudley. I like habing an easier character and a harder character. I was in the lab and ibuki I wasn’t really feeling.


Guy is a bait punish character with good corner pressure and a lot of fun and tricky gimmicks. It can be easy to win when you play someone who doesn’t know the match up. You have to play a whole lot smarter when you face an experienced player though.

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