Which character to choose?


Hello. I have owned SSF4 for about 2 weeks now. Even though i can’t play much since i am in the swedish army 5 days a week, i try to play as much as possible. I started out as Rose but i quickly gave her up since i was so new at the game (couldn’t even execute specials), then i picked up Juri and fell for her instantly. I have only played in training mode and in the easiest arcade mode. Still like her but i read somewhere that she is very hard and that she is deffinetly NOT for the new players. Should i switch main or just stick with her?




You like Juri? Play her. It’s really that simple.


I will, thanks. I just got a little scared because i read she is the “pros choice” and i would just get stuck.


no, the pro’s choice is the easiest character with the most abusable stuff. You got it assbackwards, sonny.


You’ll get stuck at some point with any character. You’ll find a combo that you have trouble at and plateau for a bit. Once you figure it out, you’ll get better. That’s how any character works.



This is the best answer you’re going to get on Shoryuken. You should read into it.


Thanks, but i sure as hell wont play ryu, i refuse :stuck_out_tongue:


I know you think Ryu is some overused overplayed character for scrubs. So did I when I started, and I also refused to learn him. Then I realized I wasn’t getting much better, and I started learning with Ryu.

I really do recommend you swallow your pride and start with Ryu, you can transition quickly if you learn him quickly, I only played him for about 2 weeks.


Its not about Ryu, its about his fundamentals. He teaches more than how to throw a hadoken and how to shoryuken randomly, that is, if you actually want to learn him. Go to challenge mode, learn his trials, links/combos, learn what cancels into what, and after that, you will find yourself picking up the game alot quicker than with other characters.

Or, you could ruff it your own way and learn the regular way. its your choice.


I like how I address why it’s stupid to hate ryu for arbitary reasons then, people discount what I say because they hate ryu for arbitrary reasons.

You probably only like juri because when you go online and spam dive kick it beats people. Just saying.


I have never tried an online game.