Which character to choose?


Hey, I’m really stuck on which character to choose. How can I choose my character?

I thought about Dan, but a lot of people say he’s not worth playing (because he’s so bad) and is a “joke character”.
Then I thought about Sakura, but as I got to play her more I started realizing I didn’t like her anymore.
I’m really liking C. Viper but she is a hard character. And I’m pretty new.

Suggestions? I’m still learning the basics btw.


Play through all the characters until you get a feel for one…on your own.
Trust me…you’ll learn alot about how you play this game.


You’ll likely grow an interest for another character now and then…It’s not necessarily bad to change as using any character for a while boosts your matchup knowledge between them and your current main, which is nothing short of beneficial.
Me for example, I had been going at and then dropped: E.Honda, Seth, Gouken, Fei, Cammy, Elf, Guile and Bison… right now it’s Ibuki, with Sakura as my main, i’ll likely be dropping Ibuki as well maybe a month from now, just a hypothesis, hope i won’t i just bought alt 3 costumes for her exclusively.


I mainly play gief and sim, but I have the most fun with Abel even though I’m HORRIBLE with him. Kinda bored with Balrog but he’s just too easy to give up.

Point is, if your not a pro this is not college where you NEED to pick a major. Play with everyone you want and over time you’ll settle with a major. Just don’t play too many characters at once, your head might explod trying to learn matchups.

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Pick a charge character. Guile, Balrog, Blanka. All easy to learn.



I always considered myself as I ryu player, since SSFT, but when SF4 came out, for some reason I started to like balrog never knew how it happened I just started to play with him and got better, basically just pick fighters you feel comfortable with, shotos, charge or grappler and before you know you’ll keep going back to one particular fighter.


You want to win a tournament? Pick a decent tier character and train for hours until you fit into the character. Using a good character will make things less uphill.
You want to have fun online? Pick the character that most fits you, it is just a game for releasing stress after work/class.

Also remember that all top tiers characters get screwed in the next revision while lower one get buffed so it is good to pick a character with lots of options and tools because even if they remove one option, if still have plenty to keep your game without holes.


Figure out what your “style” is. This could include how you live life or it could be how you play video games, or more specifically it could be what you are most comfortable doing in a fighting game. Personally I’ve always been a defensive, “wait and see” sorta guy in all aspects of life. While I main Bison, I know I’ll never reach my full potential with him because he demands someone who is completely willing to do relentless pressure with his scissor kicks. I’m too turtley and defensive for that. I don’t really like fireball characters since I don’t like zoning either. That’s why I’m working on Blanka/Balrog.


I rather like the response from Geese, it’s really as simple as that. Play through all the characters until you find one that “clicks” or that you have more fun playing as. It’s really as simple as that.

I did the same, myself. I was playing Sakura, then ended up maining Rose in Street Fighter IV. When Super came around, I started playing Guy, just to try him out. But after I started playing him, I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t pick anyone else but Guy and I kept playing with him until I got decent. I’m not super pro or anything, but I can at least make a little trouble with him while I get better. Now, just because you have fun with a character, doesn’t mean that you’re just going to start winning, by the way. I’ve come to realize that losses come with learning a character, however many it takes for you to learn the ins and outs of said character. You have to learn your ranges, what you can and can’t do against certain opponents, what your fastest move is, what your longest moves are, and the properties (invincibility frames and what-have-you) of all said moves.

Once you find a character that’s fun for you, you have to “tune in” to that character and learn everything about them, not just how to do their special moves. But it doesn’t really stop there, either. Once you learn what your character can do, you’ll have to learn what other characters can do so you can better fight them. So once you find that “one” character, you’ll be good, so play em all.


I can’t deny the fact i’m just not comfortable using charge moves… I’m inevitably attached to QCF characters.


Is a charge character someone who is always rushing in and is in your face?


A charge character is a character who primarily uses charge moves. Charge moves are the moves that require you to hold one direction for a short amount of time and then press the other direction + attack. Sonic boom is an example.


Can someone name all of the charge characters?

And please rank them from best to worst (on paper).


For that, just go look at a tier list and a move list.


But I don’t know all of the charge characters.


Just review the move lists.


Okay, fine. To a beginner, would Chun Li be a good character?


Blanka, Chun Li, Guile, Balrog, Vega, M. Bison, and E. Honda are the charge characters.







Or Ken.


^ Ryu and Ken are gay.