Which character you fight with where you actually need hell lot's of parry


i’m still an average player… so this is my opinon ,

i think is yang , akuma and ken …
as far as i know , i need to parry all time …

the only way to fight yang is to ground-parry or super-reversals .

yang is defensive and offensive. when it come to defensive , i think i need to parry and be more careful ,yang’s kinda tricky…
what’s worse when he’s using sa3 ?

akuma is also the same , when he keep abusing air attacks and air-hadou , it will be tough time for me , i got to air-parry and ground parry those air-hadous , worse air-super ! and later i get fooled where akuma use air-hurricane instead …

for ken , i haven’t met a good ken player so far , average ken often does combo-block-strings such as strong->fierce->hadou and c.shortx2->c.forward->hadou …

and damn why i failed or never ever did want to red-parry those moves at that moment !?


at least to some extent everyone - i mean you should only parry when you know you can or when you’ll die if you don’t from chip anyways.

most important would be Akuma and Urien probably then Remy and Ryu. I mean you can’t jump on Urien if you can’t parry cause thats a free fireball->chariotrush combo and for the reasons you thought as far as Akuma. Remy for his projectils and Ryu for his [and denjin hadouken of course]

just my opinion though i’m sure others might think different.


ibuki’s my worst parry match up, SA1 cheaps me to death:lame:
and those strings and chain,i’m having trouble on parrying them…


theres ways around ibuki’s chip super…

my yang has lots of parry traps… so i guess him…

  1. Sean
  2. Ryu.
  3. Hugo
  4. Yang


yo’ go to karathrow.com or download sbo2 , watch pryolee VS ibuki !
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: if he can do it , we’ll do it !!

sean ?? if a player parried every sean’s special-attack on the ground , sean’s dead …

yet , sean could fuck you up with shoryu cannon , if you jump …in .

i hate air-parry . you miss ,you die

i remember a match vids of ryu VS chun li , man that ryu parry alot and won …