Which Character?

As a TOTAL street fighter ( or any fighting game) newbie, I’m wondering how you pick a character that’s good for you? I understand that ryu and ken are pretty much the first characters I should be using since basic is what they’re all about. But after that how do you decide what character you want to main? I’ve tried my hand at Juri Ibuki and Abel and I thoroughly enjoy them but Abel seems to be favorable for me (not like I can beat my friends who have been playing for years) but it seems that I am able to do more with him than with the other two (leaving Ken and Ryu aside). I have watched the videos by TBird which were greatly helpful in understanding the game and learning how I could improve, but other than doing reps on ryu I don’t entirely understand how else to better myself.

Edit – I realize that through my original question I opened a new question as to how to better myself.

It’s start with RYU, not Ken, Ken is a little more advanced and not recommended for very beginners. And regarding how to pick a character once you get good, just play around with a bunch of characters, learn them a little bit, and a few should feel okay, and one should feel just perfect for you. How to get better? Practice, there’s no way to get around it, you’ll just have to practice.


Sometimes I close my eyes and wish I had never written that.

And somtimes I’m reminded why I did in the first place.

Just find a character you enjoy using. I started the game with Viper because, she was fun to play with and stuck with her. Losing should be a motivation to get better.

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