Which characters and groove for my style of play?

ya i kno there are a couple threads floating around about this but i dont come on much and i cant spend hours looking through the 892347 matches for “what groove should i use” for example. i just need some help on what kind of team and groove i should use. ive always been a kind of “rush that sh!t down” kind of player. i heard that k groove would be good for me. i like chars that have good zoning and rush down advantages. can someone help me? im not just too lazy to pick characters but i see myself going to the arcade with a new team each time and i just want to stick with one solid team so i can better myself at this game. and with your help maybe i can pass the glorious information down to other newbies like me. i play 3s mainly with any char rushdown. thats right even rush that q down. so just some advice would be helpful. it doesnt have to be fullproof exact data that i have to follow. and it doesnt matter if you think its the vaugest statement you’ve ever heard. anything helps guys. thanks.