Which Characters are... Few questions


Hey im pretty new to the SF4 series, Im looking to pick up my main Character. Please answer few questions to help me find out some things.

  1. Most CREATIVE and FUN to play Characters?
  2. Most EASY to LERN Characters? (While still pretty good)
  3. Most HARD to master and complicated Characters?



Well. I can only give you my own opinion, but:

  1. For me I find Gen, Makoto and Decapre creative and fun. They all have playstyles that allow you to adapt on the fly during a game, something I really like.

  2. All of the Shoto characters like Ryu, Ken and Akuma are easy as hell to pick up, but, like all characters they can legitimately take a lifetime to master.

  3. Gen and Viper are considered the hardest but I don’t think this game really has any mechanically difficult characters with high execution barriers. The difficult comes from your understanding and application of fundamentals, that’s all.

But, if I get your hidden message. You’re looking for a fun, strong easy to play character to learn the game with.

Evil Ryu.


As to creative characters - Dhalsim seems to be prety tricky, with all those teleports, range managment and fireballs :slight_smile:


Any character is fair game for a beginner with a few exceptions.
Personally i don’t advise a beginner to use grappers as they require alot of solid fundamentals and they are pretty limited in how they use the SF mechanics and some of the metagame.
People play different against grapplers and you need to play different as a grappler. Excecution-wise they might seem easy but for everything else they require a ton of knowledge and experience and alot of patience. You won’t be able to transfer to other characters afterwards as easily. Lastly i advise against playing very unorthodox and excecution heavy characters, characters such as Gen, C.Viper and El Fuerte.

A question about which characters are most Fun and Creative, the answers you’ll get will be really subjective and all over the place. People like different playstyles and get their enjoyment in different ways.
Honestly you are asking all the wrong questions that are indicatie of a typical beginner, which is fine, however do not bother yourself to try and categorize these characters by other people their standards and just look at the things YOU enjoy in a character and go from there.

So what are YOU looking for in a character, once that is known people can start helping you.