Which characters are the funnest characters to play as in your opinion?


Wesker, Iron fist, Cap, Wolverine and Nemesis for me.


I like Captain Arbitrary Preference


I’ll take it.


It’s a completely valid question!


Ororo & Chun-Li :heart:




Characters with good command grabs, preferably self-combo-able.


Haggar, Arthur, Ghost Rider, Nemesis, and Taskmaster are all pretty fun to use characters for me.


Ghost Rider


Akuma, x23, Jill, Thor, and ironman.but I’m pretty decent with anyone who isn’t super slow. cough sentinel


Lol what

Sent is one whack hunk of junk, but he’s not slow.


strider tron ghost rider iron fist spidey basically any character i see less of


Viper and Akuma by far for me. Vipering across the screen is so satisfying and Akuma just feels so powerful.

Special mentions to Hulk and Captain America.


Ororo Munroe! <3


Jill (main), Morrigan(sub main), rr, trish, storm, wesker and jean. Pretty much all fast high mobility characters with sick block strings and hit confirms plus they look the best in fights.