Which characters do online latency help the most?

One of the funny things about BB is how different the play experiences online and in person actually are, even tho’ the game looks almost exactly the same.

So, I was thinking what do people think the characters helped most by the lag are?

I’ve only gotten a few times where it really lagged. I can’t tell you much on this subject, but the person who i’d say that it helps the most is NU :cybot:

Didn’t mean the truly terrible lag, rather the day-to-day latency, the stuff thats invisible.

Nu still works either way I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

An example I’d use is the ease of blocking Noel’s overhead drive in person vs online. (Hint: Its much easier in person)

I agree that it helps Nu more than average because it makes blocking/IB/IADing in response to her drives harder. It’s not nearly to the point of Blanka/Fuerte slide in terms of the difference between offline and online effectiveness though.

Are you guys playing a different game than me? There is no “day-to-day” lag in this game in anything upwards of a 2-bar game.

Have you played it much offline? It feels really REALLY different.

Thats half the point of the thread, the BB netcode is very good at ‘hiding’ lag. I was just kinda wondering if other people were noticing any effects on the matchups.

i agree there is definately difference from online and regular play. there is just afeel to it and totally agree with the noel post.

also it really does help nu the most she feels more beatable imho in person rather than online.

I play offline with my brother on an almost daily basis. It doesn’t feel any different.

I’d say Tager.
It can get REALLY impossible to tech throws online, even if you see them coming. And with Tager, his throws do so much damage that it can just straight up ruin your day.

this game lags like hell. dont deny it

I play Bang. If there is any lag at all I lose

Jin, Jin JIN!

Want safe versions of B and C ice car? Haveing trouble when people IB it and punish you?
Lag is your friend!

At least the lag doesn’t get too bad in this game. (Maining Rachel so have to IB that ice car to punish)

Even if you don’t openly notice the delay, it is there. Try doing timing specific combo strings online, then do them offline. I promise, if you adjust to the input delay, the first attempt offline will fail.

Online I have to stick to basics usually. And instant blocking you can almost forget about sometimes.

As a Carl mainer, lag=loss. Nothing I can really do. It’s not possible to loop when the game is stuttering.

I think lag helps Noel the best. Normally her drive block stings are easy to block. Hell, normally I can command dash out of them, but with lag…yeah it sucks and all they have to do is mash the one button.

Yes, Bang’s Four Seal combo is nearly impossible online, but I can do it almost every time offline
As good as the netcode is for BB, it’s still not perfect, and when it comes to a game like BB that needs such specific timing for certain characters/combos, it’s a bummer for sure

how come no one has yet mentioned kune? It’s a pretty much free win with REALLY Bad lag.

Even worse than the Kune, is Tager online.

Think you can break his Super TB with lag?
ahahahhaa STB reset rape.

That isn’t true. Arakune can’t really fight you if he is laging because a lot of his stuff relies on cancels and precise timing. I do far worse with lag with him than I do with just minor delays. Lag is not a free win for anyone.

I know that I hate the lag when I do get it (Where it is capable of being FELT that is… ) is when I’m doing my aircombos and that jump comes out just a second too late and lets them tech it…

I mean, I still normally win, but it’s a major pain in order to have to chase them down again… especially Nu.

I agree totally. Playing online with Ragna I have to use his easier, less damaging combos (like the combos off a throw) for fear of the delay fucking my timing.

I hadn’t played online in a week or so until last night and I couldn’t IB nearly as well as offline.

Funny thing is that it makes easy combos way better, and hard combos way worse.

People aside, Things most helped: The Icecar, throws, fastish overheads, those combos that can be broken offline but can’t online. Also low damage combos out of a standing/ducking a,

Things most hurt: Combos with advanced timing, Haku-men drives.

Character most boned: Bang