Which characters have chain combos?


Chang does, if you do the press punch button a lot special move he swings his ball and chain around! So that’s a chain combo

I’ll help ya out:

Maki: s.lp, s.mp, s.hp, s.hk OR s.lp, s.mp, s.hp, c.hp

Evil Ryu: s.mp, s.hp

Iori: s.mp, foward mp???

There are a few more. I’ll post later.:slight_smile:

Kyosuke, Morrigan.

whats kyosuke’s? i think morrigan’s is like c.wp, c.wk, c. mk, c.hk? i know shin akuma has the same chain as evil ryu, but that doesnt really matter cuz no one plays him

Yun, Athena, Chun Li, Shin Gouki to name some more…

morrigan has the most/best chain combos.

hey bahn, what is chun li’s chain combo?


Who Need Chain Combos when you have Links???!

Links are for L33t players LOL

yun maki morrigan kyosukes air combo Iori EVERY EX groove character in existence on XBox live LOL.

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