Which characters is it better to use Sobat Festival vs Climax beat?

Just wondering, I know Wong favors U1 for going through projectiles on startup, but is Climax Beat the go to Ultra purely because it can be combo’d into 100% ?.

Always go for Climax. The only reasonable way to punish fireballs with U1 is to dash into it, but DeeJay’s dash is tricky, and dash-into-sobat isn’t something you will do consistently.

I was trying out U1 last night and had success punishing a few things on block with reveral timing like honda’s mp/hp headbutts. Execution is a lot easier, but it just comes out too slow.

walk forward ultra goes through fireballs pretty solidly. Dash U1 is easier than dash U2 as well IMO. I’m still figuring what I like best, but most characters it is U2

Ok, so does U1 favor U2 in any matchups ?, I know its early days but judging by the new Tier list U2 for Rufus totally changes that matchup against Akuma

In my opinion U1 can only be a factor if you are able to get that dash-in-sobat down. Otherwise it’s a junk. And this dash-in-sobat is nowhere near as easy as rogs for example. Actually its damn hard.

U1 can be solid against Honda/Blanka as you can use it to punish ball/headbutts respectively.

Doesn’t really work if the Honda/Blanka knows that though.

T Hawk U1 off blocked hawk dive
U2 if you have good reaction you can anti air with it.
Blanka U1 off blocked blanka ball
Projectile Characters U1
Dudley U2
Honda U1 off blocked headbutt?
Juri U2 i use it to beat dive kick offline i don’t think her fireball game is good enough to warrant the use of U1
Hakan U2
Balrog U2
Cammy U2
Cody U2
Guy U2 only problem is he can change he jump arc
Adon U2 stops all his approaches. if you see him turn better use ultra.
Seth idk. can’t beat that bastard
Akuma U2 for me. stops jumpin fireballs.
Makoto U2 punishes blocked mp and hp hayate
ibuki U2 as an anti air
Viper U2 as an anti air
Abel idk
Dhalsim idk i just RTSD
Fuerte u2 as an anti air
Gen U2 as an anti air
Bison idk
Rufus u2 as an anti air
Vega U2
Rose idk
Hakan U2
Fei idk

Most of this is me just using u2 as an anti air
probably not the best way to use it, but it has been working for me lol
Gief U2

I used to use U2 only, but then I switch to U1 and having great success. U1 has insane chip damage and for some reason people don’t want to punish it on block 25% of the time. Or maybe it is just scrubs? I’ll switch back to U2 over the weekend since I’ll be playing. But in every case Deejay’s Ultras really only good for punishing things. U2 you can combo into. I can’t EXMGU dash to U2 at all. Sometimes when playing I don’t even use Ultra with Deejay. I think with him it is one of those to each his own kind of thing.

U1 hands down, none of this U2 nonsense. U2 you really shouldn’t rely on it for an AA and this whole walk/dash > U2 setup is a waste of time since it’s not 100% reliable.

I’ve been using U1 since the game got leaked and have been using the J.mk, c.lpx2, c.mp xx ex mgu xx U1 setup from the start. I stay committed to U1 no matter what people say.

I didn’t know U1 was combo-able, how much of it hits?

3 hits, the last hit (if timed correctly) will push your opponent back enough for you to recover. I need to get 360, PSN is horrid.

I almost exclusively stick to Ultra 1, it gives you more horizontal options. Dee Jay already has fantastic AA upkicks and if you’re playing against someone good or a tournament player you will only be hitting Ultra 2 if they make a huge mistake. Ultra 1 can catch whiffs easier and from a much longer distance and gives them mentally something to worry about even if they aren’t jumping at you.

Do you guys think it’s really worth it to go for U1 after Ex MGU when EX Sobat Kicks do the same damage and have no chance of getting punished afterward?

Wow does a partial hitting U1 and a fully hitting EX Sobat really do the same damage after Ex MGU?

yeah, they differ by about 10 damage. The problem is that the real damage from u1 seems to come from the last 2 hits. So using it to end the exmgu combo is basically saving yourself one stock of ex meter for something else.

I agree with you, U1 is good for chip and people do seem to forget to punish you on block so its win win, also really good against fireball spammers, and you can link it after ex air slasher so it can be combo’d into.

I use U2 usually with the focus crumble. Although I really like U1’s motion more and for me it’s much easier to do. I just wish it would go little bit further and faster, because I never get it to hit through fireballs.

Honestly, I’ve fallen back on Sobat Festival each and every time.

Granted, in most situations where I use an Ultra I already have d/b charged so either would work for me I guess. But I’m having trouble with FADC > Climax Beat and otherwise can only see a use in it for punishing really stupid opponents who tend to telegraph jump-ins.

With Sobat Festival I get that fireball dodging and lower body invincibility on start-up making it great for shotos and guys who spam sweeps or slides. If it hits, great. If not they take a good degree of chip and decent pushback on block to give the opponent limited options for punishing.

The only time I feel REALLY dumb for using it is when I get Ryu into a corner and he’s blocking. The pushback becomes not so great and I eat Shin-Shoryuken every time.