Which characters will stay and go?


I don’t think that there will be another SF title for some time, but just for fun, let’s say one does come out in the next few years. Usually, some characters are retained for the next title while others get the boot, leaving room for some other older characters to come back or possibly introduce new ones. Which characters do you guys think will come back for sure, and who would you really want to see go?


I don’t see Elf sticking around, even though I HATE playing against him, he is a unique character.


Rufus. God no. Please. Propably fuerte.


I hope they keep Juri and Gouken. Fuerte, Viper, Seth can rot somewhere nasty as far as I’m concerned. Rufus I’m ambivalent about, though divekick spam isn’t very exciting to me. Sadly, Crapcom seems to like Viper and Rufus. Juri too thankfully.


Honestly, it looks like Capcom’s dead set on keeping Juri. I’ve been getting the feeling she’s become the poster boy of sorts with the IV series. She’s on the 25th anniversary chess edition as one of the bad guys, thats pretty big if you ask me, the only new rep from IV to make it on there. Juri, Abel, Rufus all made it on SFxT, cant remember anyone else. They seem to like Abel and Rufus… It could be a tossup between them. Viper made it on MVC3 because everyone said viper seems more like a marvel char than a SF char in the first place. And for some reason the fact that a focus attack is one of her moves in the MVC3 tells me that the game developers probably didn’t have that assumption about viper from the beginning.

But yea, Gouken was fanservice, and he didn’t work out so well gameplay wise. Game devs didn’t seem to like him. He’s gonna get tossed.

I made a thread like this some time ago with a voting poll. It got locked by Sosage. I still wonder why to this day.


They won’t get rid of Juri and 4 gd reason. She is such a gd character and she fits into the game nicely.

Honestly I would like 2 see elf and Oni go. I think Oni is such a waste of a character. Id like to see Blanka go as well but that will never happen


ryu and ken hopefully go


I’d like to see Seth and Juri stay. I’m neutral towards Abel, Viper, and Gouken. I don’t care for the other characters introduced in the 4 series. I’d rather not see Evil Ryu make another appearance. Rolento should have made it into the game instead of Oni.


While I certainly don’t enjoy playing some of the new characters, I think they’re all pretty well designed. Despite the hate, almost every new character has something to bring to the table. Some characters are a little too strong in certain aspects but I don’t think any character “breaks” the engine right now.

So the only character I want to see go: AE version of Evil Ryu. That’s it! Hell, I’d like him to stay too if they made his tool set more interesting.

Also, I want them to patch Chun out of UMvC3 and replace her with Seth.


T.Hawk should never be in another Street Fighter game ever again.


The game will suck so there will be no point in playing.


Guile will go…and they’ll put Charlie (Nash) in his place.


the breaker is right seth would be the sickest marvel character ever! Seriously, he would be perfect. tanden stream would definitely be his level 3


I hope blanka would just vanish from the game


i’d like e.ryu to stay i enjoyed him but hakan must never see the light of fucking day ever again.


I absolutely love Juri. She’s so unique in terms of play style and character design. I hope she is in all future games and is expanded upon. Awesome footsies. Would like to see new super / ultra for her in another game or patch. As long as she stays, I will happily purchase games.


I’d like Evil Ryu to stay. But they could give him more unique moves.

I also like Viper as well. Good times.


Everyone stays except
Fuerte, Rufus, and T. Hawk.