Which characters you find fun to play as but frustrating to play against?


I always consider Ibuki as a double-edged sword. A character really fun to play as, but when you are up against a good Ibuki it can be a frustrating time for you especially when Ibuki’s game is working out for her.

For 2 people with equal skill levels I think these matches can be fun.

But there are a lot of other characters that fall into this category. Take Oro, Q, Necro, Remy, and Twelve. Even Hugo and Makoto in the hands of someone much better can be annoying. And maybe Elena isn’t that much fun for either side.

Anyway I find Ibuki to be the most biggest example of this “double-edged sword”.


Akuma is very fun to play but I can’t stand the mirror match.


I’ve never like mirror matches. .none of them in any game


Elena and Urien for me


Akuma as well. It’s awesome when you get your mixup going successfully, but it sucks when an Akuma gets theirs going.


The wrath of the RagingDemonless Gouki, is not something anyone would want to experience.

I have seen what has become of such players

The Dreaded CanadianAkuma does not even compare

None of you really wants to know about the Legend of the RagingDemonless Gouki.

Just keep playing the game that you all love and don’t ask about or look for the RagingDemonless Gouki.

If you ever feel pushed to search for The RDG, remember that even a Florida native flying roach is worth more than a man who lost his sanity.


I don’t think Urien is one of those characters. Maybe a new player who gets bullied in the corner with repeated Aegis Reflectors may feel that way. But if anything, Urien players are more prone to frustration than others.


also depends on who you play against with that character.
sometimes it’s the player’s style that really hinders how you like to play.