Which characterss super's can hit multiple opponents on the screen

for example if I can char A,B, & C and the other guy has X,Y & Z and X is the main other guy and Y comes on as an assist, I then use A to do a super and A cathes X & Y

I would like to know could I then cancel A’s super into B and B would then carry on hitting X & Y and then C can then jump in and carry on or will Y or X if it was a tag in jump out

So I would like to know which ones can do the above as IF i am not mistake I think Haggar can do this?

pretty much every one that doesn’t have a cinematic cut scene or grabs…


Any high-priority beam that isn’t cinematic is probably the best type of hyper for this.

High priority projectiles are good in general, but one of their characters may shield the other from most of the hits.

Just about any beam.

For example: Ryu’s hadoken

Anti-example: Arthur’s Goddess Braclet

beam FTW!