Which Chuns are representing at West Coast Warzone?



That shit’s THIS WEEKEND (Apr. 2-4). If you haven’t done so already, sign your ass up! I want to see some Chuns in Top 16!


I mean… I am attending, but my Chun is a non-factor (lol). I’m hoping to change that, but we’ll see.

I know that Shizza / WhaWhat is in the LA area, and Dime_x is too. I’ll be sorely disappointed if I don’t get to see them there.

Anyone else coming? C’mon, there have got to be a few more out there!


i may attend… but i have no plans to enter atm… those tournies usually last a long time and i have to go to work at 12 midnight 7 days a week.

but really i’m just waiting for super… sf4 is obsolete.

also… there is a general discussion thread you know :nono:



Pffft this is not general, WCW is serious business.

Sucks you won’t be able to compete though Dime, I’d love to see your Chun in action sometime.


Still debating~


im already registered


I’m making an appearance. Got my flight few days before.


^^^really??? well then i’ma have to go.

also… i hear tell sanchez is still salty wants a rematch…




I’m in…but just for fun. I can’t compete with you guys anymore. Hope to see you guys there. >_<


Good luck, dude. Love watching your Chun in action.

Same to OHT =)


wow, a lot of big name Chuns posting and getting me all hot n bothered. I wanna see that OHT, Mag, Shizza and Dae action!


Man, Shizza sure knows how to disappoint. He did not play well today. I don’t think he won a single game. Not to mention Alex Valle got his ass handed to him so many times today too. Their team’s saving grace was Combofiend’s Abel.

Also, Ricky Ortiz’s Rufus and Online Tony’s Seth are complete beasts.


And SnakeAes


I won 10 games in the 3v3


Top 5 you’re beasting and Top 7 you don’t win even a single game. Funny :smiley:


Great work Shizza. Thanks for that bit of advice on Balrog too – don’t know if you made the connection, but I’m Howard =P

I met you once before at SHGL’s place, too.

WCW was a huge flop for me. Last year at WCW I went 3-2; I won, lost, won, won, and lost. Since then I have been working my ass off to improve my game. This year at WCW I went two-and-out. I didn’t win a single match.

I got counter-picked in my first match because he saw I went to Chun and picked Rufus, and in my second match I played against a Balrog who played too safe for my rushdown Chun.

Not to mention, I didn’t take the game seriously enough. For some reason I guess I went in with this mindset that I was going to do okay since I knew I did decent at the first Warzone, and I played too relaxed. I played like I was playing in casuals, and by the time I realized my tournament life was at stake, it was too late.

Lesson learned.


by the sounds of it you got all your information 2nd hand or just didn’t see the 3v3 at all. :clown:


^^^ no, all he saw was the stream, where shizza didnt do to well… but that was only a brief glimpse of shizzas overrall play…

he actually ocv’d marn,philipino champ and … some other top player that i cant remember… but only one set.

overrall his play was exceptional.

oh yeah roms chun is DAMN GOOD. nice to see more chuns.

he actually put shizza into losers, and then lost to jace the aces viper and then got put out by shizza in losers.

wcw was hype, too bad the entrance fee was too high, i would have liked to enter, but paying $40 to play one game and only be guaranteed 4 games is too rich for my blood in a tournament that isnt evo, especially when i know that my chances for placing in the money are 0

at that point i’m paying to play or for the experience, neither of which were worth forty bucks to me… but thats just me.



rom’s chun is legit, so is his yang in 3s

@ snakaes i didnt know that was you, better luck next time, turtle balrog is definitely the hardest to fight, pr balrog played that way against me and i couldnt fuck with it

@ dime that other player on the 3v3 was ricky ortiz


Wait a minute what?

Am I understanding correctly that it was SeedyROM that put Shizza into losers?

I used to play that guy all the time on SF4 PC lol!