Which color scheme looks better?

hey ppl… would like outside opinions… which color scheme you guys think is better and why? I’m going to use the image as a background for a website, so I may also have to add some transparency when the image is complete.



well I personally like the second one more… but I’ve asked others (who were non-artists) and they prefer the darker one.

I alkso prefer the darker one, though it depends on the site it’s going on. If that site looks dark for the most part, I’d go with the second.

If not, I think it’s gonna lookswashed out against a bright background.

crap… i meant to post this on the fanart gallery… but i guess it suits image mishmash too

thanks for the quick reply… im gonna use the exact same bg color on the images for the website bg…

the 1rst one. Im in love with that one

first one!! hey that’s good stuff dude, are you a free agent?

if its gunna be a background then the second one because its not crazy falshy and it wont cause the oersins eyes to look at the bg other then the actual website

cool thanks a lot ppl…

even though a majority said the first one… i’ll still go w/ my gut and use the 2nd one… hehe…

like gumz said, the 2nd one will fit a bg more… ill still put some use on the 1st one tho and use it somewhere else