Which comic has the most action?

i wonder which comic has lots of action (asskicking & shooting) out there…

shaolin cowboy

…That’s a very open-ended question…


World War Hulk. Well the military was shooting at him… :rofl:

how does one measure ‘action’?

shots fired?

kicks delivered to the head?

cars blown up?

please explain, so that we can give you your answer, because it will be impossible otherwise.

every book written today has its share of action, but that doesn’t make it GOOD.

look at Infinite Crisis. It was PACKED full of Action.

what it lacked was a decent story, or restraint in violent depictions of gore.

now take Watchmen (some say it is overrated, but it’s still one of the greatest comics ever).

Most of it is dialogue and exposition, there is very little ACTION, but it is still one of the greatest.

To answer your original question, however: If you want Action, you can’t go wrong with ACTION comics! :smiley:

I know, I’m a smartass.

yea…thats what i meant.heard alot about WWhulk, ill give that a try

P.Gabby beat me to Shaolin Cowboy. That’s a great answer. I hope the TPB comes out soon. My other favorite action-packed comics that come to mind are Sleeper, The Losers, and Punisher MAX. What I care about most in my action-packed comics is drama behind the action. Those comics have a lot of story so you actually care about who’s getting shot or stabbed or kicked in the teeth.

Otherwise, almost every single superhero comic out there has a ton of punchups. But that doesn’t make them exciting. There are lots of “action” comics that are just plain dull.

If all you want is Action (and no story) you can’t go wrong with most Manga.

If I were you, I’d check out Fist of the North Star, and Battle Royale.

The bad thing about starting Fist on the North Star is that it never finishes. It came out in English 3 times and was canceled 3 times due to lack of sales. Well the color books from Raijin got the farthest in storyline, and are the best looking ones anyway since they are in color and unflopped.

If you like what you see I suggest getting the TV series that is only available through fan subs to see how everything ends. Well, mostly everything, the anime ended a little before the manga did, but the new OVA that came out in English a few years ago touched upon the ending of the manga a bit.

Dragon Ball is pretty action-packed, especially from a few volumes into the series onward, and it is widely available in its entirety. Not a lot of shooting though, unless you’re into people creating fireballs out of their spiritual energy that are powerful enough to destroy planets.

i have both book and anime for DB, i read and watch it over and over many times since i was 11, it was my favorite of all time, also like berserk alot…but recently i got into american comics, i notice they have lots of action and i like art style…

Here’s what I was recommending earlier.


Punisher MAX:

The Losers:

None of those will do you wrong.