Which community is the best at sf4


It’s taken awhile, but now virtually everyone plays sf4 at least casually-weather you were a third strike player, cvs2 player, super turbo player, etc.

My question is this, which street fighter community has been the most successful with street fighter four in tournaments. Discus.


obviously the ones who can play all those games, this poll is stupid…


Fuckin’ 01er. What did you expect?


Erm…anyone in the fighting game “scene” has atleast played them all. Let alone all of the Street Fighter games…



I was thinking the same damn thing… like wtf…

see every year has someone without a brain…


I can think of a lot of MvC2 pros that have never touched cvs2 and 3s


it seems cvs2 in japan


Of course there are people that can play multiple games really well, like daigo and wong (third strike, cvs2, st,), I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about communities of players that care about 1 or maybe 2 games hardcore.



Now someone should give an 09er rep for not making such a poll. :blush:


The people who played Super Smash bros and Mortal Kombat. Duh.


this is a silly thread. theres no way to gauge something like this. especially when most of the players that place well, play multiple games.