Which console is the most active? (Third Strike Online)

I would like to get this game but which one is more active, xbox 360 or ps3?

Get Xbox. We’re always looking for more people to play.

PS3 is arguably more active, but the server isn’t as good and connections not as smooth. PS3 is also free to play online, as Xbox Live is required to play online (10 dollars a month or 1 time payment of 50 or so for the year).

Still, I would encourage you to get it for Xbox and come play us. Xbox is still active at night, but during the day not so much.

I was also interested in playing 3rd strike on console, I thought PSN required a monthly sub now, atleast it does on PS4.

Is 3rd strike available on PS4? I sometimes play on FightCade but I’ve always been interested in the console version.

Thanks for the info! I will probably get both versions as i still like to play on my PS3 also. :smiley:

It’s not on PS4 only PS3 and 360 but PS3 is still free online.

PS3 has plenty of people still playing it throughout the day, but yeah, the connections can be kind of shitty at times.