Which Console is used most in tournies? (Please no console wars)


I don’t mean to start anything here, but I was just wondering which console is used more in casual tournies as well as in major tournies for your experience at least, 360 or PS3? The reason I brought this up because I currently own a PS3 Stick and SSF4 for the PS3, and from the streams I’ve watched the past few weeks seem like its all 360, and I’m wondering if I should get a 360 stick as well as SSF4 for the 360. I would dual mod or at least try to, but I don’t have the skills for that stuff. I heard the PS3 has slower frame starts or something. Please let me know.


dual mod FTW!


Essentially, the closer to Cali you are, the more PS3 you will see. Up here in Canada it’s basically all xbox.


yaya cant loose with a dual mod. && that way you can play wherever n not have to worry about if your friend has a 360 er a ps3.

If there arent any threads in your local regional sub forums start one asking if there is anyone near by that is experienced in stick mods.

&& evo is ps3 so dun worry.

plus, i guarantee if you go to a tourney and theyre runnin it on xbox youll make a friend you can borrow a stick from.


PS3 is “tourney standard” since EVO uses it, so a lot of major tournaments usually use it. 360 is used more at smaller tournaments and in my experience, most tournies prefer to run tournies on 360.


A lot of locals use xbox for SSFIV and ps3 for others like tekken and BB.

Majors stick to PS3

I recommend getting it for the console that is used more around your area and later down the line Dual mod or get another


I don’t know much about the scene outside Central FL, but it seems to me here is pretty much all 360 when it comes to SSF4. Tekken and BB pretty much are mostly on PS3.

And I don’t know for certain, but I thought EVO was PS3 because Sony was a sponsor and provided a metric shit-ton of PS3’s for the event


I hate trying to plug a stick into a 360

real talk


I guess PS3 is for majors and Xbox is usually smaller tournies. I have only been to EVO, so that’s all my experience, but I have an Xbox stick and a PS3 stick just in case, the Xbox stick is used for GGPO and the PS3 stick is used for my PS3.


I would think that PS3 was used more since you can share DLC from what I hear. Xbox…you can’t do that…


What about the gameplay? Is it best to get SSF4 for both consoles or do both games run the same? I here PS3’s is slower so if I buy a 360 version I’d have to get used to the speed.


It’s rare you’ll find an X360 being used at any major. Your safest bet is PS3.

However, as you mentioned, dual-modding your stick is ideal. If you’re not able to do it, there’s probably people in your area that could do it for a reasonable fee. You could also look into getting a Paewang Revolution stick and pulling the PCB from it if you’re not confident enough to piggy-back multiple PCBs.

Spend some time in the Tech Talk sub-forum and ask some questions there in the newbie thread perhaps. It’s a lot easier nowadays than before to have a stick that works on both X360 and PS3.

Good luck.

edit: in regards to your gameplay question, if you’re at the level where you can notice 1 frame of difference, that’s awesome, but it’s unlikely (no offense intended). Considering that the best players in the world aren’t affected by it, it’s an over-exaggerated inconsistency between the two systems. Especially when you factor in plinking. I personally have no problems doing 1frame links on either console, and I’m pretty average.


I found a casual at Evo that had 360 console…well like two of them


One of those was mine and the other was my friend’s, we brought them for the people who didn’t have ps3 sticks for w/e reason.


Anything else = 360
we have a winner?


yah evo always wins! =]


This is kind’ve on this topic and I don’t want to make a whole new topic.

Is there anything wrong with getting a console adapter? One of those ones you plug the stick into that splits into different console outputs?

I can see them introducing a little lag or something, but I want to hear from someone who’s tried one.


Don’t they cause some button inputs to not be recognized? I think it was talked about in the newbie stick faq


I wanted to play but I left my stick at the hotel room. So I went to play at the side tournament.

There isn’t a 360 > PS3 approved converter. but there are PS2 > 360( Joytron), PS2> Ps3(iPin) etc etc. While some others have really bad lag between inputs as said above.


I only play in tourneys that play on Dreamcast.