Which console should I play on?


So, if I have both a PS3 and an Xbox 360, which console should I play on and purchase a stick for? I am very competitive and generally learn quick so I would prefer to be able to learn from and eventually play against the best. Is it pretty even between the consoles or is one generally favored?

This would probably be SSF4:AE/MvC


The console that most of your friends have.
Also, this kind of threads are prohibited on this site because they always devolve on shitty flame wars.

BTW, both consoles have a good representation on tournaments, SF4 and MVC3 tournaments mostly run on 360 due how crappy is capcom to port their games, for other games, they usually run on PS3


Yea, I definitely dont want to turn this into a “this console is bettar!” thread, just wondering which one usually has a better pro scene representation. Does the PS3 version of those games have a lower framerate or bugs or what?


Get a stick that can play on both such as this.

Get the games for both consoles. They’re about $20 or less if you look around online.


It depends primarily on your gaming habits. Do you want to play competitive at tournaments? Then play on whatever system your local tournament organizers use. If you just want to mess around and have fun, then it really doesn’t matter, as you’ll find good competition on both systems.

Most people tend to favor playing on XBL, since this is the system that most people play on at tournaments, and thus the players favor playing on xbox.


Dual mod and play them all! No serious though, play whatever system is near you.