Which console to buy? 360 or PS3?

I’m currently a PC gamer, and I love SF4 for the PC…but with Capcom most likely giving us the shaft (not releasing SSF4 for PC, or delaying release by months), I’m forced to consider buying a console. I currently use a 360 TE stick for the PC, so that’s one consideration–though I might be able to trade if necessary.

Question is, which console would you recommend for SSF4? Here are some pros and cons I can think of:

Xbox 360:

  • I already own a 360 TE stick, so I won’t need to worry about buying a PS3 one or exchanging.
  • The online base is probably the highest…more matches, less wait time.
  • Cheaper, can get a Microsoft-refurbished 360 Pro (20GB HDD) w/warranty for $200.
  • Possibility that the console will cause tons of problems (RROD)
  • Xbox Live Gold subscription fee
  • Wireless adapter has to be purchased separately
  • No blu-ray, not a lot of other titles I’m interested in.


  • Blu-ray functionality
  • Better build quality overall
  • Free online play, built-in wireless
  • Some cool exclusive titles (e.g., Heavy Rain) though I’m not sure if I’ll play them.
  • Smaller online community
  • I’d need to replace my current TE stick for a PS3 version
  • More expensive for a system (but maybe cheaper since no wireless adapter or online fees?)

well, i wouldnt reccomend playing sf4 wirelessly anyways, but if you have a scene near you, buy whatever system the guys in your area play on. if you have no scene, just get a 360. it may red ring eventually, but you already have a stick for it

Agree completely with HNIC Mike

XBL >>>>>>>>>> PSN for SF4. Just say no to wireless.

I’ve been play SFIV on 360 (my console was manufactured after summer of 08) since it released and it’s pretty much 95% of the gameplay on my 360, no RROD. I think the RROD’s are just a few oddball owners who don’t take care of their console too well or have one of the older manufactured consoles.

But if you’re going to pick up a console right now, I would suggest the PS3 because of the pricing, hard drive capacity, and the blu-ray, just make sure you’re using ethernet cable to hook up because a lot of casual players don’t use it and connect via wifi hence the laggy games.

I’m pretty sure the SFIV builds are the same, they were both 720p I believe, except you needed to install on the PS3 for equal load times with the Xbox360. If you get the 360, still, don’t use the wifi and just go for wired connection also, save yourself the $100 and don’t purchase the wireless adapter. And $50 (or less, shop for a card online or something) for a year of good online service is not a lot to ask for anyway.

If you do get the Ps3 version, dualmodding the stick is probably the cheapest alternative, it’d probably cost less than a new stick most likely and a little bit of labor but it’s worth it IMO. Hop on over to the tech talk and there’s tons of information on that subject. A lot of tournaments are running both consoles so this is another incentive to dual mod and not pick up another joystick because who wants to lug around two sticks?!

Well since my 360 rrod’d twice i will be getting ps3. i’m done with ms.

So don’t forget another 360 con: it will probably break if you play a lot:)

I’m in the very same boat, and I’m going with the 360. I already have the stick for it, plus the players I know in person have 360s.

The millisecond it’s announced for PC, though, there will be slightly used, very well taken care of 360 for sale on Craig’s List.

Yeah but PC SF4 already has so many lag hackers. Like 15%-20% of the people in player matches and ranked matches currently turn all the games into matrix bullet dodge fights. It’s not even fun.

Very useful, thanks for chiming in dudes. Won’t be able to use an ethernet cable for a few months though (when I move out and am married), so hopefully wi-fi isn’t too bad for a while. I play wireless on PC, and it’s usually pretty solid.

I own both systems. My PS3 Red Light on me after three months. Had to buy a new one. My 360 still works since launch.

I play more games on my 360.

I only own two games on my PS3 (Over twenty on 360).

That said, the PS3 is the better system. It really is. Easy, EASY interface. Slick and efficient. No having to go page after page to find stuff with loopy transfer effects slowing you down (Netflix is horrible on 360). Works amazingly well on a computer system. Really easy to use as a media box. It’s QUIET. Especially when playing movies. Blu-ray, etc.

Even though I prefer the 360 for gaming, right now if I had neither, I’d HAVE to go with the PS3 as a consumer. It simply is a more solidly built product. The slimmer form factor right now is a no brainer, with cooler parts and the fact it’s a Blu-ray player (still one of the cheapest) for my HDTV it’s just too much of an obvious choice.

Most 360 owners, when they are in the market for a Blu-ray player in the future, will eventually plunk down for a PS3. They will. It’s not just a game system, it’s still one of the best Bluray players available. It’s one of the few that are updatable through a network without flashing BIOS. Etc. It’s a household product.

True as that may be, I’m not buying SF for its online functionality.

Then PS3 is a no brainer, the wifi is there off the bat. Good luck!


This problem tends to go away in Championship Mode. And my impression is that it’s not lag hacking, it’s just crappy computers…people trying to play with old ass video cards and such. G2 and above, I very very rarely get those slow, choppy matches (and maybe never in G1).

The decision is simple since you already own a 360 stick, but the fact that you are asking at a all must mean you are either really skeptical about the 360’s build quality, would really like a Bluray player, or both.

If you do decide to get a PS3, instead of buying a new stick you can dual mod your 360 stick to work on both systems, and retain it’s support for PC as the PS3 Madcatz stick has compatibility issues with some chipsets, but this will require some knowledge and skill in modding, something that isn’t too hard for someone to learn to do on their own IMO.

And like others have said, don’t bother with a wireless connection for online play as it will just add to the input lag. If you think a wireless connection is fine then you must not have spent much time playing offline.

You’re totally right when you say I have doubts about the 360’s build quality. It’s hard to knowingly plop down cash for something with such a high failure rate, but maybe it’s exaggerated somewhat?

And I certainly don’t think wireless is great or anything, but it’s bearable until I move into a condo where being wired is a possibility. Right now, until August, it’s not.

Seems as you already have the 360 TE stick id go for the 360

Most 360 owners, will one day be PS3 owners to some degree. When you buy an HDTV, Bluray becomes a sexy option for your home theater. I’ll admit, I only got a PS3 because of this. It is still one of the cheapest PS3’s to get, and as a gamer it’s just ridiculous not to get it as well.

I’m not going to go out of my way, to purchase another Bluray player which ends up playing worse or being more limited than a PS3 out of principle, you know? Some might, perhaps. I’m too smart of a consumer to ignore the bargain.

Now by now there might be cheaper solutions for Bluray than a PS3. If this is the case and it has the features you want and you do not need the multimedia features of a PS3, go for the 360. This said, both the 360 and PS3 at their full packages cost the same. Like I said before, if I had neither system, at all, and no outside factors like what my local scene plays are involved… then the PS3 wins. You just get more for the same.

But I still will use my 360 mainly for gaming. I enjoy the community more and it feels more like a gaming system, however the more I use my PS3, the more I’m thinking I won’t be subscribing to Live next year. It’s simply the smarter choice.

Oh, and if you own a Saturn USB gamepad, it’ll work on the PS3 out of the box. Another thing to consider.

Im with Mike.

Major tournaments play on PS3. Most local scenes that I know of play on 360. There are slight timing differences for SFIV on both systems.

if you play wirelessly, though I don’t recommend it, you can get your 360 stick dual modded for about the cost of a WiFi adapter for 360.

PS3 is free online, but 360 has a better online SFIV scene.

PS3 is a better system overall IMO. Basically for the same reasons Inverse said. I have all 3 systems. PS3 > 360 > Wii.

It depends on what you want. You want to get started playing online quick and easy? Get a 360 and go for it. If you can afford to wait for the better value long term, best go with PS3.

PS3 SF4 outsold XBOX SF4.

PS3 SSF4 is currently outselling XBOX SSF4.