Which console to buy? 360 or PS3?

Wow, I had no idea. This decision keeps getting harder lol.

Gamestop sells used PS3 for $230 I believe.

This doesn’t change the fact that the 360 version has the larger online community.

Which also equals more scrubs.

I have a PS3 and it is awesome (for OP’s query). I am considering getting an XBox just for the expanded online community, but I have a really hard time contending with the percentage that get RROD. Anyone know if that issue is getting any better with newer ones?

So that means there aren’t enough PS3 players online?

PS3 BluRay + more exclusives.

Oh I was going to lend you some advice, but looks like a lot of people already gave it to you and i was going to say very similar things anyway, so…

Personally, I have a PS3, and I have no trouble finding matches.

ps3 might outsell xbox for sf4, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has a bigger online scene… it seems to be mentioned fairly frequently around here that the online gaming experience tends to be much smoother on xbox.

i know 5 people with ps3s, only one of them has never complained about his and he got it as a gift. my brother outright told me he regrets getting a ps3 because any game he’s tried playing online is mostly dead. some ps3 owners would have you believe it’s faultless but it can have hardware problems too on top of this.

i do own an xbox, but im not a fanboy. im on my 4th xbox now. although mine have never red ringed I’ve fried the graphics card twice, burnt out the drive etc. i’m not sure how it works in the US but all i need to do is take a 15 minute trip to the local gamestore with my receipt and get it switched. it seems ludicrous that I’m on my 4th but that’s after around 3 years of HEAVY playing. Plus I originally bought preowned, so every time i take mine back they give me another preowned console, meaning I’m still more prone to problems than someone buying new.

i’ve heard a lot more positive things said about xbox live’s game selection than psns. i also added up xbox v ps3 exclusives at my time of buying, but that’s a personal choice. i wasn’t fussed about bluray either. oh, and i normally play wireless and i’ve had no problems as long as my routers NAT is set to open, don’t worry about it.

in my opinion it comes down to this;

are there any exclusive games you NEED?
do you really care about bluray? Do you have a great tv that will do it justice?
are you willing to pay slightly more for a supposedly less populated online gaming experience? (from what i’ve read around here - and im saying slightly because im factoring in wifi adaptor and a live membership)
how many of your friends are on each system?

i’ve tried to play devil’s advocate here but i have to say; if i could do it all over again i’d still get an xbox in a heartbeat. good online, a few good exclusives, good xbox live arcade games, and a bunch of my friends play on it. paying for a live subscription is a bit of a pain but it’s worth it for me, and I really can’t be bothered with blu ray.

XBL > PS3 network. No joke

This is coming from someone who owns both console, and tested both SF4 on both consoles. Online was much smoother and there are more users on xbox live.

Might be different for SSF4, but one would assume it will not.

RROD Ive had 2 of these but these were early models. The new ones you would get now days… especially the jasper system will hold out fine. I got my first RROD in 2005 2nd in 2006 and from there on not one. Take it for what its worth, but I think xbox gives you 2 year warranty anyways.

Funny thing is… mine was extended 3 years because the failure rate was so high back when it first came out lol.

Honestly, the only online SFIV community that has less players for sure is definitely the PC version. The difference in number of players online on PS3 and 360 is probably negligible.

No comment on PSN vs XBL quality, as all my PS3 games are single player. As others have noted, however, the PS3 doing wifi out of the box might affect the quality of players’ connections (and the perceptions of PSN’s connection quality as a whole).

PS3!!! you don’t have to pay to play online.

Hell, you don’t even need to pay for a connection. I would probably still be stuck in the days of no online play because of this.

xbl is better for online. I have to use ps3 because my 360 died. You might get to play some more Asians players with psn. but not wroth it, i played some korean on psn. 3 bars. it’s ok match, but not as good as xbl. Unless the netcode is like blazblue, get xbox version.

Not necessarily, I have no problem finding people to play against or anything. There are some really good players out there too. I just want to double (or more) the potential people to fight against.

I played the PC version of SF4 and I wish I could do it again for Super. Unfortunately, it looks like I’m going to be picking up a PS3.

While I have no complaints about the 360, alot of the titles that release for 360 end up releasing on PC as well (with a few obvious exceptions). I would rather have a PS3 simply because there are more PS3 exclusive titles that I can’t otherwise play on my PC.

Also, it helps that the PS3 has a blu-ray player, built in wi-fi, bluetooth and no online subscription fee. I’m not a fanboy taking sides, that’s just how I see it.

yeah, there is enough people on PSN. i never have problem finding matches too.

If someone hasn’t mentioned it already, go to where your friends are. That’s if you have any friends who play SF4 on the console :bgrin:

Still, give it time I think SSF4 will most likely make it to PC. Only reason they haven’t declared it is they don’t want to make a promise they might not be able to keep, I still think it’s a high probability.

dude, get a 360, for one you already have a TE stick for it, (which is reason enough), but it also has better online and better exclusives than ps3, and is cheaper… just get the 360 -.-