Which console to get for UMvC3 / SFxT / KoFXIII?


Hi SRK folks,

I am considering buying either a XBOX 360 or a PS3 with the three games mentioned in the title. My last two consoles were a Dreamcast and a Gamecube, i since moved on to Computer Gaming and the only “consoles” i owned were the Nintendo Handhelds. I got into my long lost love for beat em ups again after playing SSFIV on my 3DS and bought the PC Versions of the SSFIV Series and started watching streams/Vids/reading this forum to improve. ( Thanks to all the guys providing the content! )

I decided to get one of the consoles to play the other beat em up titles but i don’t know which to get. Most of my friends are casual console players and aren’t really into the genre so i played SSFIV matchmaking mode thingie most of the time. I own a Qanba Q4, so compatibility isn’t a Problem.
Seeing that tournaments use both PS3 and XBOX360 there shouldnt be a difference in offline play , right?

So i basically am looking for the console with the best online matchmaking mode/ online scene / netcode. Ive seen that for the xbox, i have to pay a fee to use their online service, but i dont mind paying that small fee as long as it isnt to laggy. I guess the consoles online services are divided into continental regions, being from Germany, the good online scene should apply to the European region.

Thanks for any info.


I’ve heard that most of tournaments use PS3. I might be totally wrong.

It’s pretty much up to you, since you don’t have compatibility problems. Both consoles have enough players to fight Online.


Online works better on xbox for me


Most people seem to agree that online is certainly better on the 360. But for offline purposes, you really can’t go wrong with either one. Evo uses PS3’s, but the rest of the tournaments are pretty split on usage, from what I’ve noticed. If online is a big deal to you, and you don’t mind paying for better net play, get the 360. If not, find out what your local community (if there is one) uses and go with that, I suppose.


I play SSFIV on PS3 and 360 and in terms of online quality they both seem the same to me. I play KoF XIII only on 360 though so I can’t compare.


I own both consoles, and my personal opinion is that the 360 has superior online to the PS3; not putting that out there as the one and only truth or anything, just speaking from my experience.

In term of an ‘online scene,’ I find them both equally bad.


more important than what console is upgrade your internet to business class internet, and get a reduced lag display. Business Class has faster upload speeds than consumer, and since fighting games are peer to peer having a faster upload means smoother game play, I cant tell any difference between the two online ( I have both with AE & UMvC3 for each) A reduced lag display is super importaint becase HDTV’s have display lag due to image processing, even in so called “game Mode” Some TV’s still lag. Check out the tech section and the thread about displays


dont diss computer gaming entirely. you can also play online matches of classic fighters for free, something console players were begging for years.

Eg all CPS1-3 and SNK Neo Geo fighters are playable on GGPO and Supercade with very competitive play. This is one reason I abstain from buying a console for fighters. Gameplay comes first.


Pc is cool, but capcom treats the pc owners like poo


Not true. Faster upload does not mean better gaming.

Games do very little uploading and have small packets, what matters is latency and jitter.


Marvel lags on PS3 more than on 360. PS3 has slightly more input lag than 360 for SF4.


I respect your opinion, but since these fighting games are hosted on one players machine if my packet of info get from my box to your box 24X faster than consumer grade internet. If you happen to have business class internet and your packets get back to my machine 24x faster as well, that means less lag and better game play for everyone because the packets are traveling faster


Which is latency not bandwidth and nothing to do with business class internet.


There are timing differences between the Xbox and PS3 versions. Hell, the difference in TVs that you use could create input lag as well. They’re minor differences, but they’ll screw over your difficult links if you’re not used to it, or if you can’t adapt to it.

Xbox: Superior online connection and community. Xbox is designed purely for games, but realize that it has the highest rate of failure compared to the other modern console systems. But for the most value for your money, for gaming purposes, you can’t go wrong with the Xbox.

PS3: Has a few neat features out of the box, but costs a bit more than the xbox. It’s built in wireless system is nice, along with its rechargeable controllers. Better as an entertainment system, but suffers with its inferior online, and smaller community. Majority of the FGC is on xbox. Also consider that most tournaments are being run on xboxs, whereas Evo uses PS3s.

Overall I’d say buy the xbox, considering what you want to get out of it. Both systems have their pros and cons, only idiots and fan boys would argue that any system is vastly superior to another.


Xbox has more screen tearing with fighters, while the PS3 lags more. (Marvel particularly)

I find XBL to be a vastly better online experience than PSN, but it’s 40 bucks a year. Well worth it IMO.