Which Console?


I am a PC gamer who has just gotten back into fighting games about a year ago. I have been playing SSFIV:AE because it is really my only choice. Having this lack of a selection for fighting games has me wanting to purchase a console, my problem for this is that I will really only use it for fighting games and this is a reasonably big investment. So, I was wondering, which console has a bigger fighting game scene? I am currently indifferent with them so I would like to know if there are any advantages of one over the other when it comes to figting games. I am not trying to start a flame war here, I simply need to know if one has a bigger online community, has more games available than the other, or something of the sort.

Thanks in advance.


Oh boy, warning ! console wars ahead !!! anyways I’ll give my thoughts.

It depends on:
a) where you live. I assume you live in the US, I live in Europe, so my reply may or may not be correct for your local scene. So a good bet is to check which console your local scene mostly uses.
b) the general trend in Europe seems to be: If you are interested in Capcom games -> XBOX, if you are interested in games from other companies -> PS3. This is a huge generalization ofcourse. You’ll find players for all games on both consoles. A problem over here is that some games get released really late. For example BB:CT got released almost a full year after the initial Japanese release, which is why many people playing games like Blazblue use PS3’s here so they can import them.


360 has better online overall with less lag, but you have to pay for Xbox Live.

PS3 has laggier online, but their online’s free.

The amount of players per system depends on your region, but if you’re in America, overall, you’re going to have more players on XBL than PSN with better connections.

The good part about PS3 though is if you get into those Japan only titles like (AH3…I know it got released in Europe but never got a NA 360 release) you can import them and they’re region free.


I have Xbox 360, Everything that Missing Person said is what I would’ve said. Many of the good exclusive titles are on the ps3, like initial d and other stuff. Most DLC comes out first on the xbox 360. So if your impatient, get the xbox.


Here in the US, xbox is more popular as the console-of-choice for fighting games. More tournaments utilize xboxs, the online environment is superior to ps3’s, and the overall player skill is better on xbox. However, the cost for this superior online service is that you actually have to pay for it. Certain models of xbox’s don’t come with wireless capability, re-chargable controllers, and can’t play blu-rays. Xboxs are also known to have a higher rate of failure (red ring of death) than their ps3 and wii counterparts.

Overall, it’s a superior entertainment device. It usually costs more than the xbox, the online service is free, comes with wireless functionality and rechargable controllers. It plays blu-ray, has different console-exclusive games, etc etc.

If you just want to play games, with a strong online service, then my suggestion would be to go with the xbox. If you want something that can also be used to watch a variety of movies and play different console-exclusive games, then roll with the ps3.


As an owner of both, I can’t tell the difference with online play. I just happen to play ps3 more because it is in the bedroom and the xbox is in the living room. It doesn’t matter which system you get, though for the price just get both.


Get the Wii, it has an enormous selection of fighting games.


At this point I don’t even think it matters. I’ve got all the systems and having an PS3 and 360 is almost redundant. PS3 is my preferred system of the two as I’ll sometimes allow my XBL subscription to laps. honestly though, so many games are released multi-console now It really doesn’t seem to matter which of the 2 you get.


Just to nitpick a bit - unless you’re buying a used system, you’re not going to get an Xbox without built in wireless at this point, nor will you have to worry about the infamous ‘red ring’. And the “Oh noz, the controller doesn’t have a proprietary rechargable batteries!” ‘complaint’ is actually a bonus - buy a $16 package of rechargable AA batteries and you’ll never have to worry about having the CABLE your controller to your POWERED ON console in order to charge it. Just swap out the batteries and put the dead ones in the charger. And you can use them for other stuff too.

Note: You should NOT be using wireless if you intend to play fighting games online, so if this is the only planned use for the system, it doesn’t matter whether this functionality is native or not.

Meh. I do most of my media watching on my Xbox, because it streams way more stuff than my PS3. The PS3 only gets used for media when it’s Blu-ray. The exclusives are more or less equivalent as well - the only time I’d sincerely recommend the PS3 based on its exclusives is if you’re a JRPG fan. Though it IS worth mentioning that PS3 games are not region locked, so you can import them if you want.


you are a PC gamer? Shame on you!

I was considering getting a console too. till I found out that you could play all these FG on PC as well. On GGPO as well. plus they are all much better and more addicting than the newer ones



You do realize ANY device with a powered USB port can charge a PS3 controller.

Edit:Upon going back and rereading the OP I’d probably suggest a 360. If you are in the US and you don’t mind shelling out each year for XBL. It’s easier to mod a 360 stick to be multi-console than it is to mod a PS3 stick to be multi-console.


Yeah. But unless you’re sitting next to your laptop, the device that’s most likely to be nearby when your PS3 controller runs out of juice is the PS3. I guess you could buy a USB power adapter that you plug into the wall too, but you still end up having to plug into something.

There is no PS3 solution that is as convenient as generic rechargeable AAs. Xbox+Rechargeable AA batteries win the convenience of charging contest.


That’s why I mentioned that “depending on the model you get” you might not get wireless functionality. It wasn’t a blanket statement. The red ring issue is still a problem, so I’m not sure why you said not to worry about it. And I’m fine with re-chargable controllers, I haven’t had an issue with them. Just charge a controller while you play a game, and you’re good to go. Worst case scenario, you plug in multiple controllers, and so you’ll have to pick up a cheap multi-port USB extension.

I mentioned the wireless thing, because not all people will have access to a physical router in close proximity to their console. But yes, a wired connection is preferred to a wireless setup.

Can you give an example on how the xbox streams more stuff than the ps3? I haven’t had an issue with it, other than the God-awful interface for Netflix.


The red ring problem is kinda irrelevant as it has been all but solved since 2008 with newer, redesigned systems. The more recent slim models in particular are rock solid+integrated wireless. Not that they can’t fail but its highly unlikely.

Older style Xbox’s have not been made for quite some time now.

For those wanting one i suggest buying a new system or at the least a used slim. Stay away from all those older, used models circulating around for cheap(remember: no wireless).

I disagree with being the better entertainment device. All PS3 has over it is blu-ray, but if you aren’t into BR, otherwise both are equal.

Anything PS3 can do multimedia-wise(netflix, hulu, playback of downloaded video & image files from USB drive, etc), the 360 can also do.


Again, as has been stated, unless you are buying an old Xbox off Ebay or something (Which I do NOT recommend, for a variety of reasons) then the RROD is not an issue. The slim doesn’t have it. Basically, 360s haven’t had this issue in YEARS, but PS3 fans keep putting forth the idea that like, every Xbox fails in 6 months or something.

But similarly not an issue with new systems.

It’s a heck of a lot easier to integrate with windows media center and stream stuff off a PC in the other room. Also, if you care, you can get ESPN on it.


Don’t trust me because I have reason to be incredibly biased, but my PS3 has been a lovely paperweight since I’ve had it since … the first month or two they came out, and that’s with people coming over to my house to play games. I use it about 1/200th as much as I do the Xbox.

And the Wii I donated to a local children’s hospital: there’s no real reason to have one unless you’re 12.

They have a fucking retarded Bluetooth remote control system, meaning fuck your universal remote. For casual usage, maybe, but if you’re getting it to be part of any vaguely serious home media setup, it’s a bad choice.

I generally agree with everybody else: buy what your friends have. At this point there’s no need to be an hero and explore new gaming frontiers.


Ah, yes, I have heard of GGPO before but I must have forgotten about it, I’ll be sure to check it out. I have been playing the arcade versions of BB:CS and KoFXIII but it is getting awful boring not having online. But GGPO doesn’t solve not being able to play these newer games so I am still looking at consoles, as for my current stance, I am thinking of getting a PS3 for several reasons. First off, my fightstick (even though its shit, I still love it) is for the ps3 so this means not having to buy a new one. Also, I have no friends who are into fighting games so there really isn’t anything to go off of there. I am also really not a fan of having to pay for online; lastly, Netflix makes no difference because Canadian Netflix is shit.


More important than what console you get is what you are playing it on. If you are playing a super laggy HDTV and then you add online lag, you are going to be very free. Just to be safe grab one of the “evo” Asus monitors. if you are not sure if your monitor lags


Well it sounds like you’ve pretty much already made your decision.


Yes, monitor lag will not be a problem, I will either hook it up to my monitor or my old CRT TV.