Which console?

I can’t find this information anywhere. It’s not on the wiki or anything.

What have they been playing this on at EVO?

I’m assuming DC version right?

CCC was used one year (2k5) but was dropped because it had extra input delay. AE has also been used (2k6). But for the most part the DC version was used.

2k4: DC
2k5: PS1
2k6: AE
2k7: CCC2
2k8: DC with dipswitch changes.

Just practice on classic mode of HDR.

man why so many changes…

and hell why the change from DC to PS1?!

do they play with turbo 2? turbo 3?

^ The Dreamcast version uses Turbo 3; it was a Japan-only release. If you do use the Dreamcast version, there is an English translation available. I’ll send you a PM about it.

  • The console version used at Evo changed constantly because there has never been an arcade-perfect port and it has always been debated as to which version is best. After literally years of turmoil, the common consensus now is that the Dreamcast version with optimal dipswitch settings is the best we’ll ever get. (Unless you count SFHD’s classic mode, which looks different but in terms of gameplay is supposedly as good or a little better.)

  • If you just want the best possible version to play at home, the closest thing to physically owning the actual arcade board is emulating it on your computer.

classic mode looks different, I think, because TV’s dont accurately match the size of the arcade screen.