Which Controller to Use?

I use a gamecube controller but it gets difficult to shield/roll consistently in game. When I attempt to roll i grapple or sometimes i try to shield but grapple instead.
Would the nintendo virtual console controller be easier to shield/roll? Im considering buying one.

I use a gamecube controller with modded triggers. It helps by making the trigger act as regular buttons instead of analog triggers. What you do is get a triwing screwdriver, remove the screws and open up the case then use a #0 phillips screw driver to remove the shoulder buttons and then remove the springs. Put the shoulder buttons back, screw them, and close the case back up and you’re done. Here’s a good ebay seller.

but it sounds to me like your problem is pressing Z by accident. I’m assuming by grapple you mean doing a grab/link/samus grapple. I think the classic controller also has an extra button by the trigger so that might not solve your problem. If I were you I’d either practice not pressing Z or map the grab button to something else like the jump button you don’t use which is probably X.

i dont press z but is it really worth modding my controller?

I use a Classic Controller. it gets the job done but I guess the GC controller is the prefered type. Shrug

I just made this thread earlier today =O


well you’re pressing something. It’s impossible to grab with only the shield button alone. There are 3 ways to grab in the game: pressing z, A and block or C-stick and block. When you are trying to block or dodge you are unknowingly doing one of the 3 because as I’ve said it’s impossible to grab with the block button alone. A new controller wont really help you because what you have is a coordination issue. Best thing is to identify which of the 3 you’re doing that’s causing you to grab by mistake and correct it.

Also I love my modded controller. If you’re going to play with a GC controller it really is best to mod it. The only real reason someone wouldn’t want to mod it is if they only have one controller and they need it for other games. If you have plenty of GC controllers like me it is best to mod one for brawl because removing the spring allows the trigger to work as a button which is best because shielding in brawl is not analog it is digital.

z is pretty important for link and peach. it let’s them drop their bomb/turnip.