Which converters? Also PS3?

About to get a stick but I would like it to run on all my game systems. I have a PS2, DC, Xbox, 360, and PS3. Which converters (I guess that is the term) do I need for this and WHERE do I get them?

I know that converters exist for the PS2-DC-Xbox but what about the newer systems like the 360 and PS3? Do they exist? Are they coming out soon? Should I get a VF5 High Grade Stick for the PS3 and stick with my two DOA4 sticks on my 360/PC?

I would rather have the same stick work on all my systmes so it doesn’t feel any different know what I mean?

Kind of a noob so please help.

A PS2 > USB converter should work fine for PS3 and it should work for 360 also. Anything > USB IIRC

You don’t.

Some (only a specific Elecom at the moment) PS2->USB converters will work with PS3, but only shown to work so far with Tekken DR. All other games, including PS2 and PS1 games, do not work yet. There are supposed to be converters in the near future that will work, but none are available and proven.

For Xbox 360, there is only one $80 converter. I dont recall the name, but look through the threads to find it.

The converters will tend to work with games that accept the digital input, so pretty much just arcade games (VF5, DR, VT3, Gradius 6 whenever that comes out, etc.).

EDIT: Ouch, turns out VF5 is NOT digital like DR, and needs the analog button so if your custom stick has an analog button then you are okay with these adapters.

Other than that, there is another version of the elecom that does work with VF5 without the need of the analog button, this news is coming out of TZ and VFDC.

So that different elecom or waiting for the nyko play adapter or modding your stick to add an analog button are the only remedies right now.

Quick question does there exist a PS2 -> NeoGeo converter? If so where can I get one? I can’t use the NeoStick for shit if I was to participate in KoF tourney here since they play on NeoGeo.


There are PS2 to Neo Geo adapters, I bought two of them from lik-sang back in the day before they closed down. No idea where to get them now though.

Dang it! Screw you SCEE! What make are they? So I can just try and google it lol.

Actually there is a “new” elecom adapter that is supposed to work for all PS3 games (no info on whether it works for PS2 and PS1 BC games). The model # is JC-PS201


God, I hope something comes out soon because VF5 comes out next week and I refuse to play on a pad.

Dunno the make for the Neo converters. All they say is Joypad Convertor on them, and “multi media” on the lower lefthand corner. I bought them a few months apart from one another; one is blue and one is purple. They are definitely both from the same manufacturer however.

I heard that the elecom only works for T5:DR. Can anyone confirm this? When do we get the proper converters? <sigh>

At Pelican, we are working on a PS2 to PS3 adapter that WILL work with PS2 games, PS1 games, and PS3 games. It’s in the testing phase right now, and we’ve went through a few prototypes. Retail price is only going to be $9.99 in April at GameStop.

will the Pelican have a HOME button? that is the most important for any adapter to play PS2 BC games on PS3

about the Elecoms, I received mine today and tested them with Tekken 5 DR and they workd fine.
Since they don’t have a home button, PS2 BC games are not supported

I will be getting VF5 next week and I will be sure to test it out with my Elecom

If you don’t find one, PM me: I have one I don’t use anymore. The shipping would be from France though (but economy should be affordable and even priority can be tolerated if you’re in a hurry iirc) Good luck anyway in your quest for an adapter!

Gutter Trash: Yes they do. We’ve tested them on many PS2 titles, including various fighting games, Japanese and American systems.

DreamTR: HOW did you get them to work with PS2 games…no one else seems to be able to do that. HELP US!

Pelican FTW!! :wow:

Focusflute: If I told you that, how would we make money selling something no one has yet :wink: ?

Jason, since you’re a fellow fighting game player… please tell me there is no lag on these convertors T.T