Which converters work well on the PS3 for Xbox 360 arcade sticks?


I have a Hori Soul Calibur 5 Arcade stick for the Xbox 360, and I don’t know which converter should I get. I saw the XCM Cross Battle Adapter, but I don’t know if it has problems. I’m going to EVO so I might need this.


So you have a 360 stick and you want to use it on PS3?
Pretty much your only option is to get it dual-modded.

If I’m not mistaken, any PS3->360 or 360->PS3 converter that you can find right now is going to be absolutely garbage.


Well I don’t know if I should do it. I was going to make a paewang pcb stick, but I don’t know since if I dual mod my stick, there might be problems. But if I convert to paewang, I won’t be able to use the headphone jack.


If you’ve ever touched a soldering iron before, adding PS3 functionality with a ChImpSMD from Toodles is pretty easy. You retain 100% functionality on the 360 side of things.

If you’re going to EVO then you can have it dual modded for you there as well. Probably your best option at this point.


If we had a dollar every time this question was asked, we’d have our own TT Scholarship in no time!


How much Lord?


You’d have to ask the modders, I’m pretty sure the major ones are going: Gummo, Duckie, at least one James, etc. I’m guessing $80-100?


Just Gummo and I at EVO doing mod.
We’ll be there to service.

No price for EVO yet.


They have unionized. If you are not Gummo or James leave you soldering iron at home. They will destroy you!


Price is this: $80.


Oh ok cool, how long will it take for it to finish?


Thirty minutes when started.
But will be a line before yours will get started.
Unless you get early, then you do not have to wait for other customers to be done.


Wow that’s quick. How does it work, will it switch consoles by a switch, by two usb cables, or etc.?


Not long at all. Just there as early as possible, maybe try to arrange with Ducky before hand.


Automatic Detection.

He is not coming.


I would pay money just to watch a close up webcam stream of you guys doing wiring jobs at EVO. You should record it and sell it post-EVO.

EDIT: To be clear, a close up of the wiring process itself… not that people wouldn’t pay to just see you sit there and look beautiful :stuck_out_tongue:


One last question Jdm, you can do any stick including mine right? (Hori SCV arcade stick)


I’m considered a major modder now???

Fixed for accuracy. Converters suck ass. Spread the word.

sniff Damn being poor. Damn it to heck!