Which "core mechanic" would like to see tweaked or gone?

This isn’t a “Fuck you, Crapcom! I hate Jemz!” thread. (Although, the hate for DLC Gems is pretty justifiable, but this isn’t the place)

This thread is for the positive people that are slightly bothered with some of the core mechanics in this game.

I love the Gems. I think it’s a cool concept, especially if the cast was around 10-15. However, my problem is the activations for the Gems.
Just like the game itself, it’s “all over the place.” Receiving an [Attack Gem] boost just for blocking is kinda backwards, if you ask me.

I would love for Capcom to tweak the Gems. You know, make them more “technical,” not so “identical” to each other and basically easy:
[Attack Gems] activations should be from landing a xx-hit combo, doing chip damage to landing EX specials.
[Defense Gems] activations should be from alpha/zero countering to landing a reversal.
[Speed Gems] activations should be from counter hits and not getting hit for a period of time.

I personally believe Cross Assault is fine the way it is (I wish it was more creative though) and Pandora is so useless, I don’t even care if it’s there or not. (Then again, SFxT’s “story” deals with Pandora, right?) Despite that, removing it would be okay with me.

I really like the game. Honestly. I thought the game was godlike before the Gems/Pandora and it can still be godlike now without using ite-- I mean, Gems and who is going to use Pandora?! It’s just a “stylish, yet suicidal ragequit.” lol
However, I won’t be too biased and say there isn’t anything wrong with this game and I really hope Capcom takes a look at this, since they seem to be so confused, just like the rest of us. Haha

I’d go for gems being removed from the game. I just don’t think they’re necessary. I hope that once I get a chance to try the gems for myself it will change my perspective on them completely. But for now, it’s a nay for me.

Just go back to the Comic Con/E3 build. Cancellable chains, controllable Cross Assault, Pandora still useless.Do that and they can do whatever the hell they want with the Gem system that I won’t care, I’ll play the game.

I also like your idea of gem activation conditions actually making sense based on the type of gem.

I hate that there is no option to make gems optional offline AND online. Capcom has not confirmed that there is a gemless mode, only that we can choose not to equip them which means that playing ranked is a crapshoot.

Voted for tweaking Pandora and Gems.

Pandora is useless the way it is right now. And seeing that people playing even forget to activate it is kinda funny. Would a “Pandora buff” be in place here?

Gem system is a good concept. I agree with KingofSarus. Good balance and some distinction between the Gems is essential here. It just needs some work on it.

I’d like the gems to be moved to their own seperate mode, so that if they end up unenjoyable for whatever reason it’s not a big deal.

This. After the positive feedback the older builds had I really want to know what influenced the change to it’s current state. That did more to kill my hype then gems.

at this point, i think they should either remove cross assault or pandora.

Get rid of the traps…

i would want them to go back to the old E3/SDCC build in terms of the chaining mechanics however the changes to Cross Assault is fair so i would like to keep those as is…Pandora is fine but making it last a bit longer would help it out in the long run…as the Gems for it last longer then the actual mode -_-’(fail)

Gems are foreign territory so i can’t say much but, im kinda spectical on the whole balance here…oh and now after running the numbers. EX Gems are not that bad…the only thing that makes them slightly good…is the fact that some have good activation conditions that work well with Gems under the same condition…thats about it…as there are alot that fit that bill already. they are actually not really “better” then the standard ones but the reason is better to have the “available” is because you have more of a “Verity” then the latter…you can agree with me or not but thats what i’ve come to understand about the pre-order Gems.

cross assault is my least favourite mechanic so far. i don’t care too much about the gems apart from the colour effect it gives the characters

I’d like to see techno music and 2D go away.

The thing is, SF4 was just slow, stupid slow.
MvC3 just had a shit load of stuff to memorize which was uncool.
As for TKxSF well it sure as hell isn’t going to be the best looking game out on the market but why does it always have the worst music?

I’ll let you know once I’ve played the final version.

What changed with Cross Assault?

I think before you had control of both characters. now the computer AI controls the other.

As long as Cross Assault allows both characters to act individually during 2v2, its ok. I was worried for a second there.

I agree with the music. Along with teh design it just makes everything seem soo goofy. Like yooo this is supposed to be the biggest crossover in FG history. The two FG superpowers collide. This is supposed to give an apocalyptic feel. But the vibe I get from this corny happy happy techno music and the goofy designs is “Hey we’re all friends let’s have some fun sparring with each other”. I swear the game is borderline weaboo.



Whatever. that Raven/Kuma trailer music was dope.

Some straight 90s breakdance shit. I was liking the Hugo/Ibuki music at the start, but then the robotic voice killed it.

You want a Tekken soundtrack with a bunch of aggressive rock and some violins throw in there for dramatic effect? Wait for TvSF.

I’m not even talkin about the trailer music. I’m talking about the stage bgms. This crappy techno music is an abomination to MYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GAME!! MYYY DREAAAM CROSSOVER!!!

i want a fighter that’s just six buttons and 3 special moves per character, WW style