Which costume pack on PSN do I need?


Hey everyone,

The PSN store offers two similar-looking costume packs for Street Fighter IV. They’re both priced at 17.99 and even the description looks the same. I have the SSF4: AE disc for the PS3 and I’m looking to buy all the alternate costumes for the entire cast in ONE pack.

It seems one of the two packs I mentioned is an incomplete version: did anybody buy the Super Ultra Mega Contains Everything Pack from the store? If so, could you please tell me which one I need to buy to obtain them all?



Damn, no one knows? :frowning:


Well, Capcom simply points me towards Sony/Playstation, who claim Capcom is responsible for the packs.
Either way, there is not ONE complete pack for the PS3, this seems to be the case for XboX and PC only, which sucks :frowning:

Should have gotten an Xbox, I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s the issue here? There’s like so many costume packs. They most likely have different titles, so what are they called?


i was looking at those a long time ago. the only difference i could find is one of the titles were ALL CAPS and the other Was Like This. lol


It’s like 15 bucks. Just read the desriptions, it should be under either Super DLC or AE DLC.