Which country is the best in TEKKEN 5: DR?

T5: DR is the most popular 3-D fighter in Japan and Korea since it’s release.

Both countries have insane amount of top players with amazingly developed skills and movement.

Japan - Matadoru/Ganryu, Taizo/Feng, MSR Ryu&2nd/Heihachi, Tissuemon/Marduk, Nobu/Heihachi, Keioh/Steve, Hameko/Lili, Puu/Kazuya, Tare/Jack-5, Jiro/Steve, Yuu/Feng, Shou/Devil Jin

Korea - Knee/Bryan, Qudans/Devil Jin, Nin/Steve, Holeman/Heihachi, 200won/Anna, VS_Han/Steve, Misty/Christie, VS_Cloud/Law, Leedy/Kazuya(out of Tekkenscene)

There was a huge Saitama POPY 5 vs 5 tourney in Japan where more than 380 people entered with team from Korea

Here is the awesome Final vid with insane come back from 200won~!

Team Korea(Qudans, 200won, Leedy, Ace, Rain) vs Japanese Final Weapon(Matadoru, Taizo, MSR Ryu, Tissuemon, MSR Ryu 2nd)

Part 1 - [media=youtube]WQvNmpzbw2M[/media]
Part 2 - [media=youtube]Dh1PenNj2Sc[/media]
Part 3 - [media=youtube]ptYHFQinkJk[/media]

Wha!? U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.'s got potential…we just busy in Iraq. I think we could take it! Who’s with me!?

But if I got to choose, I’d choose Japan.

korea from what i’ve seen, but honestly tekken at this level of play is just a mind game. It not likely that they will mess up combos.


I <3 Leedy’s Kazuya


isn’t NIN like the best in the world?

hes the best steve in the world, IMO, idno about THE best, but hes definately in the runnings

lol obvious flamebait thread, beacuse there hasnt been a world tourney for DR where all countries have been represented well in the same place at the same tourney, if you look at the most recent results.

its funny how you posted this on srk instaed of tz, cuz it would have been closed right away :rofl:

and wheres the option for america/europe/australia etc etc? stop being biased and only choose Japan/Korea lolol.

at any rate DR should be very interesting at E VO/SBO

still good looks on the 5on5 video though i havent seen that one yet

I’m pretty sure TZ has either as many or more stupid threads. Either way it’s generally accepted that Japanese are best at most fighting games while Koreans are best at Tekken. There are plenty of tourney results to support this so not factoring in USA/Europe etc. shouldn’t be all that hard to believe.


people saying korea duuno wtf they’re talking about

if you go by international tourney results though, USA has beaten korea/jpn in tekken @ evo. they have beaten us, as well. ryan hart won a evo for tekken before and hes from europe. etc etc. so based on that i fail to see your logic. please show me these RECENT tourney results of jpn/korea crushing all (where every region is represented fairly and all in the same place?) there are tons of good players in DR, and its fucking DR for crying out loud, anyone and everyone can usually win (balanced maybe, not pulling the random card :P)

and its not like tekken is my main game so i dont have THAT much vested in it…but the fact that only jpn and korea were included in the poll came off to me as fanboyish. theres still good information in the first post of the thread though.

and yeah TZ threads are 10x as worse. dunno exactly why i posted, but DR has been really fun to play lately and i play it as a side game (which means im not great at it, but its tons of fun)

Right. If I have to show you tourney results for why or I someone else thinks JP wins in a lot of fighters or why KOR owns in Tekken than you haven’t been paying enough attention. It might seem fanboyish but at the end of the day, more often than not, you’ll see JP/KOR at the top of tourney rankings. I can’t deny Crow, or Ryan or anyone but there aren’t as many US/EU guys that hang in international tourneys as are in JP/KOR. It seems reasonable to make this assessment and simply include only the “best”.

However it is a 1-on-1 style game. If Crow’s better than Qudans it doesn’t really fucking matter who else plays. Theoretically one really good player from EU (P. Son, for example) could just beat everyone he faces. If he’s the only good person from his country (which doesn’t make any sense) than making mention of Europe only because of what Ryan did seems kinda funky and inappropriate considering the thread title. Sure, he’s good; but what about the rest of London? The thread title asks which country is the best and if no one else from London kicks a similar amount of ass it’s reasonable to leave them out of the discussion.

i have been paying attention to tourney results for the past 2-3 years since 5/DR came out. im fairly active on TZ so i do pay attention pretty to the results fairly often, and i still cant agree with your assessments.

i understand your point, but the only thing im trying to say is that in DR, there have not been enough tourney results to see whos truly the best. going on past results doesnt cut it. only thing that can help your argument as of recently is that tissuemon/korea went to europe for a big DR tourney, nin/knee got 1st and 2nd, tissuemon got 3rd, then the euros placed below them after that.

none the less i still dont think entire countries should be excluded just because they dont have as many top players as another country. i understand yoru point but ill just have to agree to disagree on this one. id love to sit here and argue tourney results, but i have to go run a tourney in chinatown today, so i dont have time to break down your point and debate it right now. thanks for being civil about it though and not a dick, pretty rare on srk these days.

and there arent enough international results to make a fair assessment. yeah we know korea/jpn dominate at tekken, but still good players everywhere, that was my point. its not necessarily like the 2d hierarchy in fighters where jpn > everyone. but more later! peace.

America, FTW!!!111!!1!


People tend to believe Europe/USA is not far behind when it comes to tekken. There are good players in Europe/USA. But to Japanese/Korean standards those players are not good enough. They are average in Japan/Korea. They lack experience/knowledge/technique. When you compare the best USA mishima player to an average mishima player in Korea you will notice no difference. They are not impressed. Although he might have a great basic gameplay, they are not outstanding like the best players in Korea/Japan do. What makes you think USA can compete with Korea/Japan? Only because its not proven yet? Even though Shou owned whole USA, not dropping 1 game in the tourney? Obviously you don’t know, but Shou isn’t even considered the best. And you shoud know qudans killed him already after the SBO 2006, 10-2 iirc.Breaking throws? Everyone can do it on an high level.

Name any players outside Japan/Korea who can beat TAIZO/MATADORU/MAINSTREET RYU/NIN/KNEE/QUDANS in a first to 10/20/30.

i love how you are speakign for all of japan/korea talking about who is impressed and who isnt.

you say they arent impressed by usa mishimas? lol what do you expect, not many ppl play mishmas in the usa and over there everyone else does so of course they are going to be better.

i like texas top players, (crow, djkor, etc etc etc) justin wong, and bronson tran over mainstreet ryu (jr), taizo, and matadoru. they are going to play at showdown championships, and i will be there also to enter (though i wont get far) and to watch it with my own eyes.)

i love how you said “shou owned the USA” which he did, but you never bothered to mention how BrianH (from the eastcoast) raped Yuu (even though he got raped by Shou too) and Chetchetty beat mishimastar 2x just to support your argument. (since youre basing it on norcal strongstyle.) but good shit though.

if youre going to say x country owns y country talk about both sides of the argument, dont just claim japan came and raped everyone when clearly they didnt (in dr)

and fyi ive been to japan and ive played some of japans best in tokyo, played norespect as well as some of the other famous JP tekken clans. im a scrub, but my assessment is this:

they have more tekken comp in general. more top players, but WAY more scrubs as well.

of course their top players are hella good, but it’s DR anything can happen. i wouldnt say they play better but just they have a different style of play compared to USA, and more parlor tricks (which can go a long way in tekken considering the amount of knowledge required)

In any case showdown is coming this week and then we can have this fanboy argument at a later date LOL!! cause im sure many usa players will challenge the JP players that are coming ft10 or whatever

What kind of argument is this. I was just giving an example about it. Name a character which USA outstands with.

Yes you will see. lol. I hope you will stop being ignorant after that.

Why mention the fact the others players lost? Shou owned USA on his own. Isn’t that enough? When is the last time a USA-player had the courage/skills/money to show up in a massive Korean/Japanese tourney and beat everyone, not giving one game, winning the tourney and leaving a big impact behind?

They did. Don’t you get it? He dropped 0 games in the WHOLE TOURNEY.

Okay this is your opinion. I respect it all but damn… I doubt your the one to judge it. You should rather ask their opinions about the USA players.

Fanboy? I think you are the fanboy. Or at least im a fan with a better taste and a realistic view :wink:

I wish I had a Japanese announcer like that everytime I won, damn.

the announcing is pretty nerve racking when you are a part of it. i know for a fact it REALLY got to me when i was playin in sbo. ;[ and i think overall usa is still behind the japan/korea connection but then again its dr and anything can happen. usa seems to excel at the shitty tekkens woooooooo


Those people from the Principality of Monaco will mess you the hell up in Tekken.