Which CPU character do u find the hardest to play against?

like the title say. i dont really have any competition where im at other then my friend and he’s easy to beat so i have no option but to play CPU. i know even at hardest level it still pretty easy once u find out every CPU player style but i find Akuma/Chun Li to be the hardest every other CPU character just blows.

Ryu can get god damn stupid.

Akuma IS actually kinda tricky lol. But everyone one should be no problem whatsoever.

Play real people…but if you can’t find competition…man that’d suck =[


red parry(necro b.short>s.strong) >shinshoryuken

:rofl: :rofl:

i say cpu suck …cpu can do a lot of no-human things…and fall all time in very stupids things… (like sa3 necro ,oro j.fierce )

gill is way harder than chun or akuma…

Gill. Then Akuma, then Ryu, then Elena. The solution to all those, turtle and they’ll fuck up. After that its kind of a crapshoot. Oro won’t stop blocking/teching everything you do, so if you don’t have a character with a command throw, he can give some difficulty. Dudley sometimes gets this “you press a button, corkscrew automatically activates” crap going.

Gill is the hardest, the rest is pretty damn easy. It depends on their ‘mood’ though, it can vary from stopping everything I do with a counter poke to getting perfected by random shit.

For Oro, throw him into the corner, poke him, then anti air him, this is because every CPU character likes to jump out of the corner and Oro likes it even more, AA moves will hit.

Vs ryu, if you’re close enough jump over the fireballs and punish with a combo, otherwise parry or block the fireballs, and counter his jump in with your best punisher. NEVER random jump against a CPU shoto, they will hit you even if you try to parry, CPU over here as actually modified it’s shoryuken timing to prevent me parrying it.

Vs Akuma, few choices, HPsrk all his divekicks, match will be over pretty quick. CPU Akuma is not familiar with unsafe tatsus, crouch defend vs tatsu and when then last hit has whiffed, stand and punish with a heavy combo. Do not try to interrupt Akuma when he’s entering blockstrings, he WILL parry.

Chun li will jump in after firing 2 hadoukens and then do d.MK, Ken’s c.HP punishes it. CPU chun is also stupid enough to hit your parry points, use them. Furthermore, during her giant load of normal spam, she throws our moves that don’t hit ducking characters, punish those moves.

For dudley’s automatic corkscrew, that happens against Ken’s c.MK and c.HK, don’t use those and it won’t be launched randomly. Funny thing is that if you push something like MP, and then enter d.MK/HK while in MP execution, corkscrew comes out, giving you block+free super.

Yeah, I’m often bored:P

Playing the computer with Q is retarded. Get them in the corner, c&db, dash punch, reset, c&db, dash punch, reset, c&db, dash punch, reset, c&db, dash punch, reset, dizzy, close standing forward into super. EVERY ROUND. Against EVERY CHARACTER. Impress your friends, set the points record on the local arcade machine. Have you ever gotten MSF? I get it every time.

Fail. Elena is a bonus stage. I can honestly say that I get double/triple/whatever perfects on her 90% of the time. You just gotta let her come to you. If it’s a stupid jump in, anti-air. If it’s a rhino horn, parry it. The only thing that every causes trouble is walkup dp. And if you get the timing down you can always parry that, too.

Alex will Hyper bomb everytime i parry his close mk and does shit like standing short into SA2.

Hugo is just sick with offense, he just keeps walking up to you and does BS AI counter-pokes or does AI reaction 360’s.

playing rush down against AI can be a pain in the ass when they react 10 times faster than you.

gill is just broken with instant low hits when i stand block and crap like walk up standing roundhouse just to dodge my grab.

When Ryu has low hp and you have low hp he can pull out crazy shit.

You can do the same thing with Makoto too. Karakusa, hp -> hp. hayate, karkusa, hp -> hp. hayate, karkusa…lather, rinse, repeat.

The car.

I always get KO’d by the car :[

The basketballs do a 20-hit combo on me =[

i usually get gameover on the select your opponent screen

probably Gill, then Ryu. Ryu is always an entertaining fight though.

fun CPU characters to fight:

  • Ryu
  • Ken
  • Akuma

not so fun to fight:

  • Q. i always feel like this is a bullshit fight… his anti-airs are psychic.
  • Oro, because

and Sean is fun when you just want target practice.

i can beat ibuki and yang with hp (no joystick, no other buttons) and sometimes perfect them.

gill is pretty tough though i cant do that!

the car is probably tougher than yang or ibuki though

Ryu, Ken, Akuma and sometimes Urien.

Gill is easy to fight, and I play Remy.

Ryu is the worst, Capcom programmed him with SF2 gameplay reactions.
You just beating him down, then out of nowhere is starts landing stading fierce of everything.