Which day are you arriving?


I’m coming in on Tuesday the 26th with a lot of production equipment, and I’m going to try and take advantage of the first couple of days to film the ambience / anticipation to Evo for those of us who wish to make it out to Las Vegas earlier than most.

Things that will be recorded include matches, general talking, shit talk, etc. The usual works.


Arriving early Thursday morning. Should be enough time to feel comfortable in the setting, get in lots of casual practice matches, and go the party at Insert Coin later that night.

I arrive late night on the 22nd. I’m down to do some filming/talk shit/play games/whatever. If I dont remember to PM you, PM me and we can meet up at the Rio some time before Evo. I will have most of the best Las Vegas players, as well as some Midwest talent such as myself and Big Marcus with me.

Thursday around 1pm, I wanna eat and drink and play casuals!

Early in the day on the 28th.

I’ll be there since Wednesday the 27th
where will the games be at?

I’m booking my flight tomorrow, but it’s looking like it’ll be LATE on Thursday


And no. You can’t have my number.

We’ll be there Thursday night

Hopefully thursday afternoon/night.

Contact for 3s.

Wednesday; roughly around the afternoon, I think.

Thursday around 3 pm :smiley:

Thursday around noon. Hopefully I can check in Early to set up some Casual stations in the room and get some practice before the MVC3 draft and Insert Coins Party.

gonna be in on july 25 need to play as much casuals as possible (mvc3 and ae) pm me if you wanna play

Me and my buddies will be arriving sometime on Thursday. Don’t forget about the pre-party at Insert Coins fellas!

Thursday night around 6pm. Damn I wanted to show up earlier.

Thursday later like 8 or 9 PM, I should of arrived earlier but due to family and work, earliest I could arrive in Las Vegas.

Thursday around 3pm.

You get the privelage to hang out with the GD crew, youngin’.

General Discussion???


But thank you very much its an honor! :slight_smile:

I just can’t wait to say hi to everyone!