Which did you guys pick up on first?

Okay… so I’ve noticed that I can’t block cross ups well. It just adds to more of my beginner flaws such as sweeping too much, can’t really do many combos while in a real match,not being able to tech throws, and making too many mistakes that cause really close matches to be lost.

So anyways… to the point! What is the order you guys improved? For example… I first stopped my button mashing habit, and then learned to block properly… and now on to the rest of the basics.

Learning footsies in general is the next step I would take for you.

sonic hurricane dot com Footsies Handbook

Reading this will get you started, but it’s one of those things you pick up as you play.

Generally speaking, I went like:
Normals, Throws
<Lots of play before anything else>
Ex Moves
<Note: If SSF4 is you first game, you probly wanna come to here before lots of play before anything else>
2-in-1 combos
Hitconfirmable ultra setup (if available and not overly difficult for your character)
BnB combos (pretty much my current position)
Focus Attacks
More advanced hit-confirmable ultra setups (if applicable)
More advanced/punishing combos
Option selects?

Of course I didn’t list everything that is learned and there’s no strict order to things, there is some overlap and bleeding. Also the things I listed are the technical skills that you would drill out in training mode. Things like blocking, spacing, reading people, baiting. That’s all the loosely defined stuff learned in the “lots of play” category.

Beginning(SF4 release)
Learning how to block properly
How to play safer

Learning how to keep calm throughout all situations
Teching throws
OS(option select)
Execution(I still lack it) Rog’s ex rush upper combos are a lot easier than Ryu’s c.strong c.strong c.rh. I can barely do c.strong c.strong c.rh.
Footsie(I knew this was always important but now I’m trying to really understand it.)
Zoning(I have been working on this lately and still am.)
Reactions(Trying to react to all jump ins. I still miss AA opportunities.)

This is really great stuff. Thanks for the link.

Sonic Hurricane has fantastic articles, I never get tired of reading Maj’s write-ups.

Thanks for the link! really useful there. Actually… SF4 was my first fighter… but I got that about 2 months before SSF4 release just cause I wanted to play so badly. My execution needs to be brought back up a level because I’m still not used to stick.

"Learning how to keep calm throughout all situations"
Reminds me… my heart pumps really fast with adrenaline… and I get twitchy… I don’t think that contributes to my gameplay.

Gah, still so much to learn. ;/

I feel you man, I just got the game this past week. Just keep practicing and you’ll gradually get better.

I feel you man, I just got the game this past week. Just keep practicing and you’ll gradually get better.

Yeah! Not too late to start… but yeah… hoping that next year’s EVO will be even more bigger and that it will be even more exciting. Many new players starting including me. Hopefully we can stand a chance against the beast.

I mean I’m working on it. Even in those tight situations online(yes online) I know my heart is beating fast but my mind is clear so I just know what I need to win. Before in those situation I would just do stupid shit and lose. You just gotta work on it. I’m not saying I’ve mastered the art of calm and collected but it’s a lot better than before.

We should play some time. My gt is <----