Which dlc character is more popular as of now?

are jill and shuma popular online characters?

not at all. even then, the few times i see someone play them, they’re pretty bad.

i have not played a jill that can even do her combos/mix ups yet, and only know 2 decent shuma players

lol I never seen anyone using them after the 1st two days but I personally say shuma is better

what… you’re saying that the jill users you see can’t even do thier basic 6 hit ground series

Nobody uses them anymore now that the novelty of them being new is gone.

Shuma seems pretty decent… I haven’t seen anyone use Jill effectively yet.

jill actually seems really good to me coupled with some assists and her weird teleporting dash thingy…

although that might only work when i’m fighting people my rank ( i am a super newb )

I must be a nobody. sigh
Jill will take a while to get figured out along the lines of Viper. She’ll be rare online for the same reasons as Viper, re: execution.

There are two Jill players and one Shuma player in Houston that I know of, if that means anything.